Friday, April 25, 2014

HI! Sorry it has been so long

I am intimidated by the enormous amount of photos and stories I have to share. Especially because I have two loud crazy boys running around destroying our house at this moment!

We had a great March. We went on a trip to Florida with another family. They have a condo there and were generous enough to invite us to stay with them. They have a young boy about a year younger than Cy and a little girl who is about a year older than Arlo. They all got along wonderfully and there was very little drama. The boys are still talking about that trip - the ocean, the airplane, etc a month later.

At the beginning of April I had jury duty for two weeks. I was on call. I had to call in twice a day. Every day at noon I called to see if they needed me at 1pm... which meant I needed a babysitter regardless of whether or not I had to go in. I ended up never having to go in once! Grandma Lynn came and helped during this time. We had a lot of fun despite the typical Spring colds that the boys had.

And now I am gearing up to pick up three girlfriends from the airport and have a girls weekend. We are all spending the weekend in a hotel downtown. Restaurants, the spa and some serious fun! I am super excited!

So here are some pics from our Florida trip! I'll catch up on the Minnesota April pics in a bit! Happy Spring family and friends!!!!