Saturday, March 15, 2014

march so far

Hi! I just posted picture from our trip -- see the following post. Other than that we have been up to the usual life with two boys in a frozen tundra. However, this past week the temp broke and we actually had a few days of 40 degree weather. Pure bliss! We had over two feet of snow on the ground so the melt has begun to occur at a rapid pace.
The boys are just totally nuts. They shreek, yell, fight, play, laugh, negotiate, and imagine ALL DAY LONG. There is never a quiet or dull moment here (well, except for at dessert time, then they're completely silent.)
Arlo has become absolutely obsessed with Superman. He wears his costume everywhere. He has a growing collection of superman shirts and jammies, etc. Mostly because he begs to wear it every day and I can't do laundry that often!
 On Thursdays Boppa (or sometimes Nana) comes and Cy and I ski. A few times it was too cold so we went to museums. This was one of our favorite museums! Mill City - the Gold Medal Flour museum.
 Awesome views

 Patrick and I had a grown up night out with friends one night.

 Superman running down the streets of Minneapolis

 urban exploring
No need to explain migration here! We show it to them! It was an unbelievable sight!  Anyways we are all just busting with energy and SO excited that spring is approaching!!!! Yippeee!

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