Wednesday, February 19, 2014

6am blog post

Hi, I have to say that this is the only time I have ever blogged at 6 in the morning! I want to get a lot of pictures up because Patrick is in Japan & misses the kids. He's been there since Saturday. Cy and I are also embarking on an adventure today! I wasn't able to get on the internet the past few days so this is a last ditch effort!

 busted throwing snow on his baby brother

 check out minute 1:26! (Cy & mama do-good day)

 selfie by Cy

 indoor oasis!


 wild turkey
 Arlo skied for the first time!! He loved it!

 we went to an art shanty project. 20 artistic little shanties on a frozen lake. This was the dance shanty - my favorite! It had a live DJ!

 Noah's Art Shanty
 electronic car charging station in japan
 Patricks factory in Japan
 scene while cross country skiing
 uncle mike got a Harley!

 luminary loppet

should've gone right! Ended up on a 4 hour trek pulling a hundred pounds through the woods! It was fun though!

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