Saturday, December 28, 2013

round two of holiday pics

 Yesterday we went to the zoo. It was a picture perfect winter day. Warm temps and plenty of sun. We witnessed some great things! We saw a snake eat an entire mouse. Arlo is still talking about that! Ane we saw this bonobo monkey carrying her little one and breastfeeding. It was actually quite touching. She had another young one with her who was a little bit bigger and she kept comforting him and rubbing him on the back as she fed this little one. And I feel mean saying this about this gentle caring mother, but it is definitely a big of a freaky picture, no?

I do love that little baby hand hanging over her leg

 Cy is mid-air.

And then we back up in time to Christmas Day. Arlo woke up and said he wanted to be an elf! HA!
 construction paper, rubber bands and markers = elf.
 parents' back yard.

That evening we went to Jim's house for our annual Christmas party

Man these guys had a great time together. Cy and Henry ran around holding hands all night. So sweet. It makes me sad they do not get to see eachother very often.



and, finally, relaxing. Happy holidays!

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