Friday, December 27, 2013

Quintessential December

Sometimes I feel guilty for ignoring my blog and choosing sleep instead. I say to myself I can't believe how busy I am... but then I realize the irony of this. If I wasn't busy and the kids weren't young and crazy, I would have tons of time to blog. Too much time. Too boring! So, instead, no apologies for being late to blog - we were busy having fun!!! All the quintessential Christmas activities jam packed into a month!

 Cy's teacher invited a few moms to come to class to help make gingerbread houses

 we skied of course!

 made cookies which turned out terrible. The meringues were like salt licks because I forgot to add sugar and the scandinavian drops were falling apart because I only put in half the butter. But, after 4-5 hours in the kitchen, we had some great batches. We delivered cookies to 4 of our neighbors!

 Arlo had a Christmas party at school. Patrick and I both went. This is Arlo's best friend Isaac
 Cy had a very cute Christmas program. I took video I'll post sometime!
 More skiing

 Cy ran headfirst into this metal gate. He wasn't happy. He was fine and after a few minutes was having fun again. Thank goodness for his helmut!

We are having a New Years Eve party. I put up streamers on one wall before we left town

 6 years of ornaments
 playing santa (off craigslist)
 Arlo uses a step stool!
 Christmas at Nana's and Boppa's

 In the car on the way to Milwaukee
 Christmas Eve church. Arlo is wearing a teeny pair of real Doc Martens that I bought at the resale shop for $4

 Santa got Arlo a Viking's jersey! Boo. Bad santa!

 Happy Holidays!!!!

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