Thursday, December 5, 2013

and BAM! It is december and it's been almost a month since I wrote in here

Wow time is flying and I keep choosing to spend my free time doing other things rather than writing here... sorry! On a good note, Thanksgiving at our house went well AND I just got all of our xmas cards out today. Wahooo!
For our "Do Good" day, they had to first do chores to earn money

 About halfway through our day, we stopped at the cutest donut shop for a well deserved treat.
The day was WONDERFUL and we all felt happy and satisfied after it was done. We are going to start doing something "nice" once a month on a Friday since Fridays are our only free day! This month we are making holiday cookies for the neighbors. The best part is that we have had several friends say that they were inspired to do the same with their kids!!!
 Then, a day or two later, we went back to the donut shop with Patrick. It's  decorated in mid century mod.. and the donuts are designer & delicious!!

 Cy and I went back to the zoo. The grizzlies were getting ready for their big sleep and were all huddled in their cave area. Amazing!

 Patrick and I went to the badger/Gopher game here in MN. It was declared the coldest game in the stadium's history!
 A week later we had my parents, Patrick's parents and both of our brothers all over for thanksgiving. Cy and Arlo (with nana) made place-cards with pictures of what people like to do. No names. Mine had yoga, running and cleaning! :)
Also, Cy lost his second tooth on Thanksgiving morning. Made for a very exciting day!
 Fishpa grilled the turkey.
 Patrick grilled tenderloin
 It was all very nice if I do say so myself!
 Cy, my mom and I went to a very modern production of Cinderella. The evil step sisters were in drag. There were a million pop culture references... It was hilarious. One of the best kid or adult plays I have seen in a long time
Ha! I caught them doing my exercise DVD.
We went to Uncle Mike's hotel to swim one cold morning.

And Cy and I have started a new season of skiing. It was dumping snow the day we went.

This morning we saw a "sun dog" on our way to school!
Arlo and I pulled over to check it out closer. it was a giant rainbow halo and soooo pretty!!

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