Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween and the beginning of the cold sets in

 Hiya! I can't believe it has already been two weeks since I posted! Above is a "selfie" I took while Patrick and I were out seeing Billy Crystal perform. We were probably the youngest people in the audience. We went with Patrick's work. It was a good show!! I took this picture of me when I was down in the basement of the old theater. I just love these crazy old theaters! Soooo much going on in this basement parlor!
Anyways we have had a lot going on (as usual!) The Cherwenka's came to visit. Then we had Halloween. And lots of playdates and projects inbetween.

 The Cherwenka's (except Mike, he wasn't here yet) and the boys and I went to a Japanese steak restaurant. It's the best place to take kids. They actually eat their veggies and sit, enraptured, for a looong time!
 The next morning we had our annual 5k Monster Dash. We all dressed in costume. It is always so much fun to see thousands of people in great costumes!

 And then we had Uncle Tim babysit while the grownups went to the Vikings/Packers game. It was a great game and hopefully not the last for Aaron Rogers.
 The boys and I went crazy decorating on the night of Halloween.

Here's a flashback picture from 10 years ago/1
 We went on a hike with friends.

 Had friends to dinner.
 We bought a "walleye" who now has a prime spot in our living room. Can you believe we are coming up on a year of living in this house!?
 I caught Arlo pooping in the pantry
 Cy and I went to the Children's Museum. I am so grateful for these mom & Cy outings. He loves them and so do I. My girlfriend, who has two little ones very close in age, said that the most she does with 1 kid on their own is a trip to Target! So I am grateful that once and a while we cough up the dough for a babysitter and get to have our own outing.
 This was also taken at the Children's museum. I texted it to Patrick and gave him a heart attack. :)
 The "junk yard" at the museum. Cy and I spent an hour creating stuff!

 And... it snowed! We still have snow on the ground today.
This is what our backyard looks like right now. The kids put on all their gear and played for hours in it last night. Arlo cruised around on little ski's he wouldn't take off. I think he hears Cy and I talking about skiing and wants to be included. Gave me the inkling to take him out to the ski hill for an hour someday this winter!

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