Tuesday, October 22, 2013

sick again - blah!

Tis the season for runny noses, coughing until you gag, ear infections and sore throats! That's right with the start of school comes the start of another long season of illnesses. We were under siege last week and spent a few days just milling around the house. We took turns being sick which was fortunate and unfortunate (when the caregiver is ill and her little ones are raring to go!)
Anyways we managed to squeeze in a bit of activity here and there.
Really though the kids are counting down the days until this weekend. Grandma Lynn and Fishpa and Uncle Mike are all coming to visit. We are doing our annual Monster Dash 5k as a family (in costume of course!) and we are going to one of those Japanese steak joints where they throw knives and shrimp and everything else in the air!
 Cy and I went to the zoo. We ran into our friends who were moving to Brooklyn a few days later. It was a pretty big coincidence since we all live about 20 minutes away. We spent the afternoon touring the zoo with them.

 I like how the zoo accommodates the trees!
 We happened upon a moose getting his blood drawn.
And, after three hours of non-stop walking, with a gargantuan sucker in his hand, Cy asks "where are we going next?" Oy vey!

The next day my friend Molly was sweet enough to come pick up Cy and take him and her son Campbell on a park & ice cream adventure.
Arlo likes to wear his bear "costume" (it's Cy's old head to toe fleece outfit) and "run through the forest" so we seem to be doing that a lot!
One day we went to a pumpkin patch that had mini golf and inflatable jumpies.

Last week, admist our illness, the boys almost the whole week off of school for teacher conferences. We were sick most of the week but managed a playdate with Frankie and Michael one fine day.

We took Cy to the annual Baker Boo - where we usually camp - they have all sorts of activies during the day - pumpkin carving, mini golf, rock climbing, arrow shooting, etc. What did Cy want to do? "run through the forest" of course.
They did participate in the parade and the trick or treating that night! Baker Boo is such a terrific event. Sadly we did not camp. The low was in the low 30's that night and we were still all fighting colds so we were smart and went home to our warm cozy beds instead! In case you can't tell, the boys are bears this year. Arlo got to choose the costume theme for the whole family (next year I get to choose!) and he decided on Goldilocks and the three bears. We will be in costume for the 5k this Saturday. I am sure we will get some "good" shots!

 elaborate campsite decorations
 I thought my dad would get a kick out of this - a Lund "pirate ship"

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