Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall pics

Hi!!! As usual we have been running around enjoying the weather this fall! lots and lots of activities! Mostly all outside!

 Cy and I have gotten a babysitter for Arlo & gone on some adventures & hikes!

 picture by Cy
 Picture by Cy
 picture by Cy

 Arlo and I have two days a week while Cy is in school to go on our own adventures too!

 I celebrated my friend Annie's 33rd birthday! Spring chicken!
 We celebrated our friend Andy's 40th birthday! They had a huge Oktoberfest at their house with a polka band, tons of sausage and german food.
 Cy, Arlo and I have been doing a lot of exploring too. This park is right near our house.

 Snacks in a stick fort

 Then Patrick and I went up to the cabin last weekend for the Packer game. We went with another couple. The colors at the cabin were beautiful!!!

 And the green and gold colors of lambeau weren't half bad either! They won again! Fourth year in a row that they win when we are there. Thanks Pack! And thanks Uncle jim for the birthday tickets. Best birthday gift a girl could get!

 The Badger marching band was there and I ran into them when I went to the ProShop to get the kids some shirts!

 After the game we saw a band that we all agreed was one of the best live performances we have seen in years. We are going to try to get them to come to Mpls. They should be nationally recognized. Seriously. The Outer Vibe is their name.
 And last night the four of us went on yet another hike!
 My boys!
Arlo found a cuddly buddy who had snuck into his bed this morning. :)

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