Wednesday, September 11, 2013

first day of school today

I have 2.5 hours free! And what is the first thing I come home and do? Shower? Nah... Pictures of course!!!
So let's see here, catching up, here is our second half of August. Lots of pics because lots of trips!

 We went back up to the cabin mid-August with another family that has 2 little boys the same age as ours. I am not going to lie, it was A TON of work because it was just the mama and I for the first few days... But the boys all adore one another and had  a great time!

 Patrick came up for the weekend and we all drove home together.
 Playdate back in MN
 Date night: me, my hubby, a bottle of wine and the sunset on Lake Calhoun. A moment to breathe! Ahh!
 Then we set out on another great adventure! 11 days away from home. First stop: Wisconsin Dells. Our plan was to ride as many slides as possible & tire the kids out so Patrick & I could hang out on our patio that night. Instead mama slept in her clothes. Too many slides! We were exhausted!
 Patrick & Cy
 I rode some pretty huge slides myself. The most daunting thing is climbing up all by yourself and seating yourself at the top of a slide that is a straight 4 story drop. I couldn't look down!
 Then we made our way to Milwaukee. The boys and I had a great morning playing at a beach on Lake Michigan.

 Fishpa: one of the only dudes I know that uses "books' and 'legal pads" still! :)

 Cy & Fishpa went out on a fishing adventure
 Then Cy & I took the train down to Chicago!
 Museum of Science and Industry

 We did the coal mine tour. That guy was hilarious. It brought back flashbacks to high school field trips!
 Cy LOVED riding in taxi's
 Foggy mornings
from the top of the  John Hancock Building

 Navy Pier
 Chicago kid's museum
 Then we picked up Arlo in Brookfield and went up to the cabin. Spent labor Day weekend there
 Annual Fireman's Breakfast

 Arlo & Jimmy
 Jackson's ears STILL stink from all the swimming he did!

 Cy caught 2 big pumpkinseed pan fish. An 8 and a 9 incher! So pretty!

 Hate to see summer end!

 Ahh the coziness of the cabin. It was a bittersweet weekend - the weather was perfect, the water was warm, and it was sad to know that school and fall were just around the corner! Next post: first day of school pictures coming soon! xo

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