Tuesday, September 3, 2013

bad blogger

Hi!! I can't believe I let a whole month slide without posting on here. Let me tell you - I wasn't avoiding it -- I had it on my mind to do it a lot this month BUT we were in a constant state of flux. Gone for long weekends, home a few days with time to unpack, clean up and then pack and leave again. Mostly we spent a lot of time at the cabin. Patrick had a big golf outing with his guy friends in honor of our friend Ben who died several years ago. It's an annual thing and they do it at a different course each year. So while he traveled to Galena, IL, the boys and I headed up north for a long weekend at the cabin. Mostly because Cy was obsessed with fishing. He fished a lot that weekend. Sometimes for four hour stints. Once they didn't return until long after the stars had come out. That was just the first of three weekends spent at the cabin in August. Trying to soak up every last second of summer I guess. I just love it up there and so do the boys. We get to see family, swim, fish, walk the woods, etc.
So, here are some pictures from the first half of August. I'll post the second half in a day or two.
 Children's Museum
 Arlo showing Jackson his field guide to animal scat. Titillating stuff for a Springer
 First weekend of August up at the cabin

 Caught a cute little Leopard Frog
 Made Grandma Lynn kiss it. She promised when I was a kid if we caught a leopard frog, she'd kiss it. 30 years later, finally caught a frog when she was around!

 Monster bass caught in our Little Lake by cousin Jake
 This frog was crawling on our basement window the morning we got home. The frogs were following us!
 took Cy on a mama adventure day to the land of roller coasters
 and life sized dinos

 that night we met friends to picnic in a park
 and take a trolley ride!

 Arlo does not like watching Cy leave on a play date
 The following weekend the boys went to nana and boppas house for two nights! Patrick and I worked on the house, went out with friends and had a double date night. In the meantime Nana and Boppa took the boys all over the place. County Fair
 County Fair
 Mama getting her laugh on
 Arlo on the green

 I snapped this in a parking lot. Not sure if he was going for hippie or gansta but I really dug his outfit choice that day
And a sunrise back up north the following weekend. More pics to come soon!
I know I promised to blog once a week and I do plan on sticking to that promise. I truly enjoy it! So see you on here SOON!
One week left till school starts!

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Jennifer said...

so glad to see Lynn finally kiss a frog! A promise is a promise!!!!