Wednesday, September 18, 2013

a few changes around here = sleep deprived parents

Hi! I didn't get many pictures this week of my two goofballs. I have been busy getting all the stuff done that we have been postponing all summer. A few free hours a week sure motivates! The two big changes this week are:

Cy has more or less stopped napping! I am weaning him off his naps. He is now sleeping about every other day. He started this himself. He simply didn't sleep for three days or so in a row. I can tell he needs a little less sleep these days. He makes up for the difference by sleeping in a little later in the mornings. There are still days when he does nap. And there are days when he is so cranky that he should have taken one but for the most part I think we are right on track.

Speaking of sleep, our other big change is that we have converted Arlo's room to a big boy bed. He climbed out of his crib one day and landed with a thud. After that we immediately took one side off his crib and replaced it with a short guardrail. He was easily climbing out of his crib with this new arrangement but he couldn't get back in. So we bit the bullet and got him a twin mattress. It is on the ground with guardrails on both sides. We also got him his first real pillow and comforter. He still sleeps in a sleepsack but has his comforter available if he needs it. He is doing 'ok' in the new set up. He spends some time wandering his room after we put him to bed. Last night he fell asleep on the floor next to the door! We usually have to put him back into his bed once or twice. And sadly he appears to be waking up earlier and sometimes at night thanks to his new arrangement. In the olden crib days he would slightly wake to have a sip of water or pull a blanket up onto himself. Now when he wakes he climbs out of bed (because it is so much fun!) and yells to us under his door. Oy vey. I remember going through his a bit with Cy and I am praying the novelty wears off (as it did with Cy) and he goes back to getting a good night's sleep.

Since we were doing all this cleaning and furniture shopping, we also got Cy a new desk. And it is just the coolest thing! It's a plain old white Ikea desk but I have filled it with all the activities Cy dreams about doing. And now he has a high up (somewhat little-brother-proof) spot of his own. I filled it with workbooks on mazes, letter practices, hidden pictures etc. I also put in various art supplies and puzzles, tiny legos, dry erase boards, Lincoln logs, magnets, tinkertoys... He just loves it! And it really helps the two brothers get along better because Cy has a place of his own so he doesn't get frustrated with Arlo as often.

These pics of Arlo sleeping were taken in a pitch black room!


Creative Cy

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Unknown said...

Laughed my whole way through this post. I'm sure all these sleep adventures are in my future!! Finally get 'em good sleeping and then you have to change it up and everything goes crazy. What sleep sack do you use for Arlo now? I use the Halo sleep sack now, but anticipate moving up to the Halo wearable blanket once J gets more mobile.