Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Somebody help me!!!!

Today is the last day of July. I just uploaded my pictures from the past two weeks into my "July 2013" folder on my computer. It says I have over 1100 pictures from the month of July. That's right, this insane mama took over A THOUSAND pictures in a month! That is way beyond what I normally take but it is still a fact. Between a week at the cabin, the Color Run, camping, play dates and Arlo's birthday I just can't seem to stop. Must.capture.every.moment. Someone stop the madness.
To be honest, I am really enjoying photography lately. And I do a lot of editing right on my phone (which leads to doubles of a lot of my pictures.) Almost all of my photos are Iphone pics. I do have a nice digital camera that I will break out here and there but that's once a month at most. I was talking with a friend about my photo addiction & she said she doesn't take that many pictures because they just end up getting saved to a folder on her computer and never seen again. For that very reason, I am SO grateful to have this blog! Thank you and friends who read it for giving me an outlet for my madness!!
 Cy had farm camp a few weeks ago. He and Arlo spent two nights out at nana and boppa's house because the farm was out near them. This place is fantastic! In camp Cy got to milk cows, collect eggs from chickens, meet sheep and use their wool for a bracelet, pick fresh veggies and then make special food in their kitchen, so many fun activities. I love it too. You can buy the freshest meat, veggies and eggs right there.

 He's got Emmer eyes
 date night! We went to dinner with another couple (Stevie & his wife Drea) at one of our favorite restaurants and then hit up a bar for some pool and a rocking jukebox.

 Oh my. This is a playdate I probably won't ever forget. Our house. Lots of kids.
First one of the moms mistakenly went to our old house, knocked on the door and met a hairy man. (Funny thing is she noticed a box out front with my name on it! We haven't lived there for 6 months!! Patrick went over & collected the boxes that night: Arlo's bday gifts!!)

Anyway I digress.... back to the memorable playdate: Next the pretty girls in dresses find a dead bird with hundreds of maggots crawling on it IN the playhouse.

Then the little adorable blonde boy (named Jackson) stepped in dog poop and climbed up the slide. Next thing you know Arlo is eating goldfish with dog poop all over his hands (because he went up the slide next)

And finally the 90+ year old little old lady from next door came over and chewed out one of the mom guests (the same one who had gone to our old house) for being TOO loud. It was noon. They are kids. They actually weren't even loud. I was inside cooking or I would've given her a piece of my mind! She is a pretty sweet little lady. I think she is just lonely. :(

Anyways it actually was a really fun playdate. Quite memorable though!

 So the next day we had a quiet little day at the park next to our house.
 Just the three of us.
 Staring contest.
 Patrick's artist friend visited from Philly. He's the real deal. He even teaches at Dartmouth & other Universities. He drew Cy some really awesome sketches.
 Cy & his buddy Campbell. Same scooters. Same helmets. (Their mom must be very educated consumers.)
 We stayed in this little hike-in primitive cabin this weekend. Gorgeous. Lots of camping scene pics to follow.

 The cabin was near Lake Independence. It was giving off a blustery wind and was rolling whitecaps. Did not feel like July at all!!
 The boys stayed warm in their cozy little bike trailer though. These guys are getting HEAVY! I figured I was lugging about 90 pounds when you include all the picnic/toy/water gear I had stuffed in that thing.
 scenes from our biking adventures

 Cy did a craft and made a homemade bubble wand that knocks out some HUGE bubbles.
 Me. In winter clothes in July. Cutting cheese.
 Of course Arlo brought his clubs camping
 And of course Cy blazed all his own trails

 Hands down the best Smores in town. Forget hersheys. Reeses Peanut Butter cups are where its at.
 Bedtime stories by flashlight.
 cabin didn't have electricity or water and we didn't use the wood stove (I was too paranoid about Arlo) so we all wore ski hats and jackets to bed! It was in the 40's.
 Cy busted his way up this wall no problem. Reached the top like a pro.
 Read the sign on the right! On Sunday we rented out the main lodge and had a bunch of friends come meet us for Arlo's second birthday party. My parents even made it! They were on their way home from a fishing trip in Canada and swung through for a couple nights.
 Uncle Timmy rocked out the balloons.
 And, we hired a CRITTER LADY!! She put on a 45 minute show. Those boxes behind her with blankets over them had live animals in them. A hedgehog, a teeny fox, a chinchilla, an armadillo, hissing cockroaches, some kind of lizard and an albino ferret.
 She was absolutely terrific (we had seen her last year at this same place) and she kept even the littlest ones mesmerized.
 Arlo received a roaring rendition of Happy Birthday. (you can see Haakon covering his ears in the background!)
 Opening gifts back at home the next day on his actual bday
 Nana stopped by to give gifts of items such as colored bubbles, doritoes and marshmallows.
 Science museum this week
 an awesome view of the Mississippi in the stairwell!
 And another date night! Lucky us! Can you see where we went next?? Just over Patrick's shoulder is the sign for "Les Miserables." THE BEST
 This guy got shots and a blood draw today (to determine if he is indeed allergic to antibiotics - remember that crazy rash!?) It really knocked him out.
Just keeps growing those freckles. I swear I use a ton of sunscreen!!
 Man I love these boys!


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