Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hi! I was just telling Patrick that I was amazed at the amount of people we have seen in the duration of one week! First I had my high school reunion in Milwaukee. Then we went back Up North and saw about 20 family members from all over the country. Then we came home and went to a concert with about 20 people. Then we had last weekend - with lots of grill outs with friends! Whew! I absolutely love it though! Summer is cooking along in full swing and it is just the best. Fun every day! It seems that the minute Patrick gets home, everyone runs outside & the sprinklers start going until our tummies tell us it's time to go in for dinner. Here is a random mix of pics from the past week. After this is another post with some of my favorite pictures from a trip Patrick and I took about a month ago - to Lake Placid, NY for a wedding.

 Cy is growing freckles by the second.
 We got a babysitter, skipped nap and went to see the new Monsters movie.
 Dinner at a friend's house.
 These two are about a month apart.
 I received some of our non-professional professional pictures back. Which I then tweaked of course.
 This one I tweaked too much! Going to have to undo it a bit.

 Random shot of Cousin Finn I forgot to post last time.
 Americanarama Music Festival with My Morning Jacket, Trampled By Turtles, Wilco and Bob Dylan. I talked the whole time. :(

 At the show
 friends over for dinner.
 And the annual color run! It was SWELTERING this year - I think it was in the 90's and we only made it in to the last time slot - at 2:45pm when the sun was at it's hottest. But we were sprayed with water (and color) so we didn't care a bit! We did bring our stroller though so Cy could take some breaks and we could bring water (and perhaps a camera :)

 Playdate with friends at a nearby park
Julie and I showed up in the exact same outfits! (See below for a post with pictures from our lake Placid trip!)

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