Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back from Sconnie!

Hi! We just got back last night - and the boys are pooped! They slept the latest I think they have ever slept this morning. So  many late nights of fireworks and s'mores!
We such a great time. We were up at my parents' cabin for 11 days! Cy got really into fishing and even reeled in his own 14 inch (or so) bass off the pier hours before we left to come home. The boys got to play a lot with their beloved "cousins" (my cousins' kids.) Jacob, Joseph, Eleanor, Megan, Finn and Neve. Uncle Mike was there. We also spent the week with all of my aunts and uncle Jim. They come from all across the US for this week!

It was hard to leave... which is why I am obsessed with already looking at my photos. So many good memories!

 Here are a few million of my favorite shots!

 Arlo loves kissing Neve
 Lynn's pier
 Megan & Eleanor
 Jens & Neve
 Eleanor catching minnows
 car ride snacks, Wisconsin style
 Arlo driving
 Arlo on a sunset cruise with Uncle Mike

 Cy's big bass
 Happy birthday Uncle Jimmy
 Slightly obsessed with fishing
 watching a bald eagle

 the eagle
 Codie on his pier
 Everyone but Finn (who was too busy having fun to join in!)
 red, white and blue for the 4th
 great-aunt Hillie. She looks so much like Grandpa Cy! (but in a prettier, feminine way of course!)
 lakeside snacks
 cy taking a sunset dip
 my boy Cy
 breakfast at  the kids' table
 Arlo spent a lot of time walking with Grandma Lynn
 The Kay family
 view from the porch
 Mike & Catherine
 Jens & Neve (I need to find a good one of Jeff too!)
 The "other" Jeff

 don't let this one near a bag of chips. He will NOT share

 Uncle Mike and his Godson Arlo
 Kid Olympics! This was the "butt-scoot" event in honor of baby Neve
 pretty blonde sisters
 Fishpa ditched his pants on the pier
 My three boys
 Pretty twinsies
 baby kisses
 belly button kisses

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Eleanor said...

the pic of "me" catching minnows is actually megan! :)