Thursday, June 20, 2013

BOYS BEING BOYS. Ah the dog days of summer!

 I made them a designated mud play area in our yard because they were digging holes everywhere

 Cy in his fave tree
 Cy & mama outing day to the local swim pool

 daytime thunderstorms
 dance party

 timeout on the street in Uptown (for pinching his brother)
 water here! right here!
 funky huge head sculpture
 playing at our friend's house. trying to tight-rope walk a slackline. I want one! The boys loved it
 Patrick and I out on my birthday
 simultaneous spontaneous haircuts
 Cy & I getting a 7am start to meat sauce for that night's dinner. Friends with 4 girls came over!

 he ate 3 of these little octopus's (what IS the plural of octopus anyways?)

 a snapper on our walk right near our house
 all the boys crowing around the machine after a big shake and burger lunch
 Cy ran another race

 stick forts
 best tree swing ever
 homemade rainbows

Father's Day 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

a nice June night

tonight in the backyard

 homemade rainbows

my view from our new tree swing.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Memories 2013

Because it is my blog and I can do whatever I want, I am going to show you way too many pictures of my family wrapping up May!
 Last day of school. Mrs Koenig on the right is retiring so there were many tears shed!
 Cy and his two best buds Soren and Medhi.
 Right after school, we picked up Cy and whisked him up to the cabin. It was a daunting challenge for me - I drove two little boys and a dog for over 5.5 hours on my own... but we did it with flying colors. Here Cy is way overtired & yelling "I HATE THIS CAR RIDE!!!"

 And here he is one minute later. Passed out.

 The kid is determined: the ICE had just gone out a few weeks ago. There was snow on the ground a few weeks ago. But he didn't care. His lips were blue and it didn't last too long, but he swan EVERY day!

little one trying to copy & fish
big boys fishing