Monday, May 20, 2013

Tis the season

of pictures!! The grass is out, the sun is out (intermittently) and it was Cy's birthday == very picture heavy post!

First, I just wanted to share a couple of items Cy got in his donation box at his birthday party:

A homemade card
 This is just one of many baggies from his friends' piggy banks.
 And this is what Arlo looked like on the morning of Cy's 5th birthday!
 But we still went to the Wisconsin Dells (after a visit to the Dr who told us it was an allergic reaction to antibiotics & not contagious!)
 This is the aftermath of shells after Cy's birthday dinner of King Crab and lobster (his request!)
 Happy Bday Boy!
 Arlo looked worse the next day. Patrick was also sick so he and Arlo spent the day on the couch at our rental house while we took Cy on a bday adventure! Waterpark!
 rock climbing
 Go Karts
 Here's what Arlo looked like! We ended up taking him in to the ER that night. He had gotten worse and very swollen and had a new fever. But it was the same old story. Allergic reaction. Not much they could do!

 Fishpa brought a brand new pair of Wranglers (from Fleet Farm) to the Dells. Must've been special for Cy's bday!
 Arlo's care station. Unreal!
 Cy presented Lynn and Fishpa with the donation box from his bday party. They are bringing it in to the Humane Society
 Cozy couch time. Arlo's feet were so swollen he didn't walk or stand for several days -- so lots of movies.

 Mother's Day brunch!
 Back home. It amazes me the amount of bags we set out in the morning before school/work/gym!
Dinner with the Emmer's for Cy'sbday at a Japanese steak restaurant - the kind that has flying knives- the kiddos LOVED it!
And, finally, a bunch of outside shots. Can't resist now that the weather is nice!

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