Sunday, April 28, 2013

Strongman Cy video

I also posted pictures below of our crazy weather week!

Finally a spring weather weekend!!

This week's weather is one for the record books. Seriously. All in one week:

On Monday we went to the zoo with friends.

 Monday night I took a 3 hour Italian cooking class with a friend - the snow started to fall!
 Tuesday morning sunrise!

On Thursday Cy had his Circus performance with the whole Preschool. He was a strongman

 On Friday it had warmed up enough to go to the park!

 Friday night was nice enough to eat outside!!
 And by Saturday the ice was out of the local pond and we were in shorts and tee shirts!

 And finally today, Sunday, we were all wiped out! :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Winter in April. Boo!

Hi! I don't have much time to write because today is FREE SATURDAY. That's right folks, the kids are at Grandma and Grandpa's house for a 24+ hr stint! Wahoo! So Patrick and I are spending our Saturday busting out our gigantic to-do lists.. clogged drains, fire detector batteries, shelf installs, garage cleaning, drawer organizing, birthday gift wrapping, etc... And hopefully we won't be too exhausted after all this because tonight we have DINNER RESERVATIONS. Yehaw! A real date night!

We do have a babysitter now & she is great! So we have been going on an occasional date but not enough & usually on a school night. And it's short because we are paying by the hour.

So anyways you have probably heard that Minnesota has been pummeled with snow this week and last week. Last week when it came we thought it was going to be a one-time fluke. We had really nice weather the weekend prior and had just pulled out all of our lawn furniture and started cleaning up the yard. Then we had a big snowstorm. Poor lawn furniture was covered in snow. It was high enough to have to snowblow the driveway. Then it melted. Then we just got pummeled AGAIN. Like at least half of a foot. This morning at 8am it was 18 degrees outside. The high temperature these days is 20 degrees below average. Cy's school had a snowday on Friday. Can you believe it? In the middle of April! It stinks. It's the winter that keeps on giving. The forecast for next week sin't looking promising either...

So, we are still doing our usual WINTER activities still... aquarium, rides, playdates in our playroom, some snow play but we are pretty sick of that (the grown-ups, not the kids!) and we went roller skating which was AWESOME!

We have been entertaining a lot lately which is so fun. Mostly friends with kids. And I am starting to get into cooking! As much as I can for being so busy all the time. I also am starting to get back to exercising, thank God. Pants that fit a month ago barely close so it is about time!!

We are looking at joining a new gym. Our current one doesn't feel that safe. Not a big deal if you are just a grown up who wants to do a quick work out but it is a big deal if you are using their kid care. So we are looking at ones that feel safer, which means of course, they are more expensive too!

 roller skating
 wistfully looking out the window
 round two of snow starting...
trying out the raquetball courts at a new gym... Those courts are LOUD!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring break!

Hi! We are just wrapping up a wonderful Spring break. Today is the last unofficial day since it is a Monday and we have nothing planned save for a couple of doctor appts.
Spring break was terrific. Although it'd be nice if it was a lot warmer out! We still have spots of snow in our yard despite the rain trying its best to wash it away.

For Easter Grandma Lynn and Fishpa made their way up from Wisconsin. We celebrated Easter with the Emmer family. Church and brunch. This year we went to the church Uncle Tim just joined. It was a great place to celebrate Easter. And it was pretty close to our house. We are thinking of going there again.

The following day Patrick left to drive all the way across South Dakota to the Montana border for work. An 8 hour drive. He was gone for 3 days and I was grateful to have Lynn and Fishpa here to help - especially because it was Spring Break and the boys had colds and Arlo woke up several times at night.

 Before Grandma and Grandpa came up, we surprised Cy by getting a babysitter for Arlo and going skiing and out to dinner one evening. Cy showed Dada how determined he is to get through this  large mogul field. By the end he was linking turns. It was a beautiful spring evening and the snow and moguls were soft (although still huge) which made for a perfect training ground. People were once again hooting and hollering off the chair - cheering on Cy - probably one of the smallest skiers they had ever seen in the moguls! A girl stopped by to tell Cy he is a "ripper."


 The bunny gave them both some coloring workbooks, candy and rainboots! Just in time for mud season!

 When the weather cooperated, we took a long walk with the grandparents
 We went to the Mall of America (when it was rainy out) and Cy took Lynn and Fishpa on his favorite ride - which is no joke. It has a 2-3 story drop - and its a water ride so they got sprayed!

 Fishpa and I took Arlo on his very first ride.
 And of course Fishpa morphed into Fixpa and drilled a cabinet into the wall for me (childproofing) and fixed various other items. Thanks Fixpa!
 And Grandma Lynn helped Cy decorate his "donations" box. They painted it and put all sorts of dog and cat stickers on it. Cy has decided to ask for donations in lieu of gifts for his kid birthday party. He is inviting his entire class and some other friends (about 25 kids!) so it would be a little too overwhelming to get that many gifts! He is going to give the money he collects to the Elmbrook Humane Society which is where grandma Lynn and Fishpa log many many hours volunteering.

 After the grandparents left, the weather broke and was nice enough to enjoy our backyard. We only got a little taste of playing back there (it's supposed to snow again this week!) but the general consensus is that we LOVE it!
 We had friends over on Friday night and Cy's room was a fave kid hangout.
The grownups all ate on one side of the table & the kids ate on the other! It was hilarious!! Anyways, with the good weather comes the desire to get out, see friends and have people over! Looking forward to an active and fun spring!