Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow day

This is sort of unbelieveable. Cy missed all last week of school because a very vicious stomach flu made its way through our family. He was so excited to go back today and of all things, he has a snow day! That means he will only have one day of school in two weeks because Thursday is also a no-school day for teacher in-service. The part that is unbelieveable is the fact that Cy is sitting in a corner at this moment crying his eyes out because he wanted to go to school today. Any other time a snow day would be as magical as it was for us as kids... but not today. Hopefully we will make the most of it and he will have fun anyways! It's 10am and he has already spent time out in the new snow this morning. Probably more of that in our future. And maybe a movie as well. Problem is, we watched so many movies and spent so many days trapped in the house last week thanks to the flu that this is the exact opposite of what we are all in the mood to do! We want to get out of the house and see people and places!
At least it finally gives me time to update our dear old blog. Until a week ago when the stomach flu appeared, February was a fun month. After having so much to do with the new house, we are getting back to doing fun outings instead of errands and having friends over!
March is going to bring a lot of fun too. Adult fun. Patrick flew to Milwaukee last weekend and reunited with his Marquette buddies to take in a basketball game and have some fun. Next Patrick and I are heading to New Orleans for a long weekend. A few weeks later I am flying to Chicago to meet up with Joni (who is flying in from NYC) and Joanna for a girls weekend. Spa, dinner, the works. And finally, we will be blessed with another visit from the Cherwenka's at the end of the month to celebrate Easter. I am so excited that March is finally here! So much fun to be had!
As far as the boys go, Arlo's vocabulary has exploded. He can pretty much tell us anything he wants (which may or may not be a blessing.) He also melts my heart daily when he says "thank you mama" when I help him with something.
And Cy is learning to assert his authority (to put it nicely.) He is opinionated on EVERYTHING we do. And has basically become a very effective negotiator as far as what he eats, where he goes, etc. Thank goodness he is a mild mannered kid or we'd be having some major turf wars.

 Fishpa putting in some lighting for us.

 Cy cannot resist jumping in the snow. He dives into it when I unstrap him out of his carseat after picking him up for school. No snowpants or boots of course.
 The brothers love to color
 I took this last week in Uptown. The building on the right is our old condo. The building on the left is a new construction - a HUGE apt building right accross the street. I am so glad we got to enjoy that big empty lot while we lived there & didn't have to deal with construction & the influx of a ton of new people!
 Cy skied down the blues & blacks on his own the last time we skied!
 The whole family went out for Valentines. Patrick & I were lucky enough to go out on a date the night before. That night we all went to Buca's and split a sundae for dessert that was literally the size of my head.
 A Saturday outing to the zoo. Love how the boys sometimes hold hands!
 Arlo just loves this old Elmo costume of Cy's. He puts it on and then says "Cheese" because he wants me to take his picture!
 Then the most evil awful stomach flu hit. Poor Cy puked every 15 minutes for four hours. Then he puked once an hour all night long.
Couch covered in blankets to protect it. Arlo's high chair moved into the basement. Cy was too weak to walk the stairs for a few days. It was brutal and I am sooooo happy to be back on our way to normal!

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