Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Turning towards spring

maybe it's because we had a bit of a "warm up" after the sub zero temps or maybe it's because every store you walk into is already selling shorts (i saw them at Kohls the other day!) but I swear I can feel spring approaching. Can you? Cy is already talking incessantly about his 5th birthday. We are going to the Wisconsin Dells/waterparks. His bday is in May. I had to sign up for summer camps already.... I don't know why it feels this way because I know its still far far away but I like it!
Anyways, Grandma Lynn and Fishpa just left yesterday. I think we had a nice combo of babysitting/working and fun outings. They took the boys to an indoor playground and the Science Museum. We all played around a lot in our playroom and had home cooked meals almost every night. It was short and sweet. They got to see the boys at their swim lessons which was fun. Cy has also greatly approved in the swimming department. He swims on his own now! No floatation device needed! And Arlo appears to be a little fish too. No complaints when he has to put his whole head under water in lessons. he loves them!

By the way, I intend on doing a before/after photo tour of our house someday! I took pictures when we toured it before we bought it & I cant wait to show you everything we have done! Soon, very soon! We are at the point of hanging a few last lights and art and photos! I am really feeling more and more relaxed - our to-do list is slowly shrinking!

Here are a few pictures from playing outside today. It was a balmy 30 degrees so we stayed out for hours!

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