Friday, January 4, 2013

A plethora of photos

Hello and Happy New Year!!!
Bear with me here -- I treid to add a ton of photos & they are all out of order. Unfortunately this little blog site is all wonky and not letting me edit it!
Christmas Eve in Brookfield. Cy got a pirate costume
Pure present excitement!!
Uncle Mike gave Cy & Arlo a real helicopter and it pretty much occupied them the rest of the week.
Christmas Day we went to Uncle Jim's house. The grandma twinsies had come up with the cutest litttle treasure hunt. Cy & his cousin Henry had to follow a map to a treasure. They raced around the house looking for the clues! 
Treasure at the end!!
Seeing some good ole family! Congrats Miss Lauren!!
A few nights later we went and saw a holiday light display.


Outside time of course!
Before Christmas, Cy had his preschool show. It was sooo cute! They performed for almost 30 minutes! Songs, poems and instruments. I put a link to a few videos in the next post.
Cy and his beloved teacher
Random picture of the used kitchen table and chair I bought (almost for free) off Craigslist... My mind is filled with ideas about what to do to them!!
Funniest/sweetest gift: Cy, Arlo & I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and Cy chose a gift for Fishpa. All sorts of bait and some smartwool socks.
cuddly moments on the couch
Patrick and I had a one-night get-away up to Lambeau field for the game!
too much fun!
sweet Cy on his cot napping in his new Aaron Rogers jersey that we brought back from Green Bay
Christmas Eve, pre-church
sledding with his grandparents in the backyard
random family shot mixed in!
Love their expressions!
go Lynn go!!!
these are Uncle Jim's first ski's that I "borrowed" from him (found in his basement at Christmas) They have a prime real estate spot front & center in our family room. I LOVE them.
Dada's birthday - back in MN. The night of the packer-vike game (patrick got his bday wish!)
We celebrated Uncle Tim's bday too!
New Years Eve!! Another night of too much fun! :)
one last smiley shot

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