Monday, January 28, 2013

Finally settling and having fun!

Hiya friends and fam! It's almost the end of January and we are finally getting into a groove. We still do have a TON of huge plastic ziplock bags to go through and a garage that's full of junk but our house is starting to come together and it isn't quite as time consuming as it was! My parents are coming up in a couple of days and I am hoping to take advantage of their babysitting services and crank through some of the last organization stuff that's needed.
But we have been having fun too! Lots of winter fun. Cy is just blowing my mind on ski's this year. Somehow he got really good over the summer -- even though he obviously wasn't on ski's at all! He skied down the "big hill" on his own last week! AND that was in zero degree weather. It was funny because I made him go in because MY toes were starting to hurt! he would have stayed out longer. We'll see what happens this week when the predicted high is negative two degrees. Not much different than the 5 or 6 degrees it was last week, right!?

 Playing hockey with Boppa
 lots and lots of outside time!
 stinkeye Cy
 Arlo's first haircut. On a whim, right before nap. He was so tired he sat there in a daze. Didnt cry or flinch a bit.
 Boppa sometimes picks up Cy in his bus and takes him to preschool!!! Cy is so proud!
 For Christmas the boys got an aquarium. Cy named his fish Rufus "because he wants a dog" and Arlo's fish Clementine because "its Arlo's favorite morning snack." Pretty cute names for a 4 yr old, eh?
 Cousin Jens made the boys these super soft blankets. We use Arlo's in the car daily in this frigid weather and Cy has faithfully slept with his every single night since we got them!
 One weird day it was rain-snowing so the boys played outside in their spring rainsuits.
 They tackled me to death, In fact it seems like that's all they do ALL the time - tackle me. Tackle eachother. I hope its true that boys show their affection through physical roughness. If it is, I am really really really loved.
 Typical night. Arlo in a costume and cy running laps in his running clothes.
 Our risque master bath. It is "tongue and cheek" literally the cheek part I guess. We totally painted the whole thing - cabinets and all and it felt a little prissy so I added some art that makes us laugh. And boy does it ever! It's just a poster I can switch out at any time but it makes me laugh daily so I am not going to switch it for a while! It's an Andy Warhol in case you want to get one for your bathroom.
 Patrick was the Godfather at Stevie's baby's baptism. Stevie is Cy's Godfather.
 it was really sweet
 emmer boys trying to wash away their multitude of sins in the holy water.

 we live three blocks from an old school malt shoppe with burgers and wicked malts. Look out fat pants, here I come!
 skier Cy on the magic carpet.
 dada and the boys having a meeting at Patrick's office. We visited one day, toured his machines and then went to lunch.
 sweet moments.
We have been putting our flu vaccines to the ultimate test. Between school and these indoor playgrounds... we know it is lurking nearby but we are having fun while we can! And washing our hands every 2 seconds.

Stay warm and stay healthy!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

today was a different sort of day

we all know it is coming. We are all at that age where we start to expect the unexpected, to be cliche. today was just one of those days. A funeral. you look at your calender and you have three hundred things to do that day. Routine. but then something extraordinary happens (in the literal sense of the word) and your whole day becomes something you didnt expect. No one "expects" to go to a funeral. Even as we drove to the funeral patrick was still stuck on maintaining schedule and said that when the funeral was done he had to bolt back home & drop us off so he could get to the office right away. To his credit he had no idea the burial and a reception were scheduled to happen right afterwards.He also had no idea how affected he would be.  Nevertheless it is so hard to be pulled out of our daily routine. But when you are, you are lucky. You get that special opportunity to take a step back, remember morality, remember why you work, why you do your daily routine. And if you are really lucky you have an experience like we did today. The priest said some profound yet simple statements which were beautiful and peaceful. Comforting. The eulogy, performed by one of Mary Jo's son's, was funny, candid and brutally honest (Patrick, the son who performed the eulogy, always is an open book!) yet poignant and full of love and life. Touching. Boppa did the readings and Nana presented the gifts (it was her sister's funeral.) Cy stayed at school extra long but Arlo came with us. He was very well behaved except when he yelled "Boppa!" really loudly while Boppa was up front reading. We all had a chuckle. Needless to say Patrick never went to work. We took the opportunity to stay and eat with family we dont see very often and celebrate life!

Anyhow dear reader, I write this all because today was a day to step back from routine for us -- and remember what really is important... and I want to remind everyone to do the same!! If you can do it this week, please take a moment to step back in honor of Mary Jo, a sweet farm girl turned nurse with a beautiful family left behind. God Bless you Mary Jo and the Lucy and Voita families!

Friday, January 4, 2013

A plethora of photos

Hello and Happy New Year!!!
Bear with me here -- I treid to add a ton of photos & they are all out of order. Unfortunately this little blog site is all wonky and not letting me edit it!
Christmas Eve in Brookfield. Cy got a pirate costume
Pure present excitement!!
Uncle Mike gave Cy & Arlo a real helicopter and it pretty much occupied them the rest of the week.
Christmas Day we went to Uncle Jim's house. The grandma twinsies had come up with the cutest litttle treasure hunt. Cy & his cousin Henry had to follow a map to a treasure. They raced around the house looking for the clues! 
Treasure at the end!!
Seeing some good ole family! Congrats Miss Lauren!!
A few nights later we went and saw a holiday light display.


Outside time of course!
Before Christmas, Cy had his preschool show. It was sooo cute! They performed for almost 30 minutes! Songs, poems and instruments. I put a link to a few videos in the next post.
Cy and his beloved teacher
Random picture of the used kitchen table and chair I bought (almost for free) off Craigslist... My mind is filled with ideas about what to do to them!!
Funniest/sweetest gift: Cy, Arlo & I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and Cy chose a gift for Fishpa. All sorts of bait and some smartwool socks.
cuddly moments on the couch
Patrick and I had a one-night get-away up to Lambeau field for the game!
too much fun!
sweet Cy on his cot napping in his new Aaron Rogers jersey that we brought back from Green Bay
Christmas Eve, pre-church
sledding with his grandparents in the backyard
random family shot mixed in!
Love their expressions!
go Lynn go!!!
these are Uncle Jim's first ski's that I "borrowed" from him (found in his basement at Christmas) They have a prime real estate spot front & center in our family room. I LOVE them.
Dada's birthday - back in MN. The night of the packer-vike game (patrick got his bday wish!)
We celebrated Uncle Tim's bday too!
New Years Eve!! Another night of too much fun! :)
one last smiley shot

a couple videos of Cy's Christmas program