Saturday, December 28, 2013

round two of holiday pics

 Yesterday we went to the zoo. It was a picture perfect winter day. Warm temps and plenty of sun. We witnessed some great things! We saw a snake eat an entire mouse. Arlo is still talking about that! Ane we saw this bonobo monkey carrying her little one and breastfeeding. It was actually quite touching. She had another young one with her who was a little bit bigger and she kept comforting him and rubbing him on the back as she fed this little one. And I feel mean saying this about this gentle caring mother, but it is definitely a big of a freaky picture, no?

I do love that little baby hand hanging over her leg

 Cy is mid-air.

And then we back up in time to Christmas Day. Arlo woke up and said he wanted to be an elf! HA!
 construction paper, rubber bands and markers = elf.
 parents' back yard.

That evening we went to Jim's house for our annual Christmas party

Man these guys had a great time together. Cy and Henry ran around holding hands all night. So sweet. It makes me sad they do not get to see eachother very often.



and, finally, relaxing. Happy holidays!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Quintessential December

Sometimes I feel guilty for ignoring my blog and choosing sleep instead. I say to myself I can't believe how busy I am... but then I realize the irony of this. If I wasn't busy and the kids weren't young and crazy, I would have tons of time to blog. Too much time. Too boring! So, instead, no apologies for being late to blog - we were busy having fun!!! All the quintessential Christmas activities jam packed into a month!

 Cy's teacher invited a few moms to come to class to help make gingerbread houses

 we skied of course!

 made cookies which turned out terrible. The meringues were like salt licks because I forgot to add sugar and the scandinavian drops were falling apart because I only put in half the butter. But, after 4-5 hours in the kitchen, we had some great batches. We delivered cookies to 4 of our neighbors!

 Arlo had a Christmas party at school. Patrick and I both went. This is Arlo's best friend Isaac
 Cy had a very cute Christmas program. I took video I'll post sometime!
 More skiing

 Cy ran headfirst into this metal gate. He wasn't happy. He was fine and after a few minutes was having fun again. Thank goodness for his helmut!

We are having a New Years Eve party. I put up streamers on one wall before we left town

 6 years of ornaments
 playing santa (off craigslist)
 Arlo uses a step stool!
 Christmas at Nana's and Boppa's

 In the car on the way to Milwaukee
 Christmas Eve church. Arlo is wearing a teeny pair of real Doc Martens that I bought at the resale shop for $4

 Santa got Arlo a Viking's jersey! Boo. Bad santa!

 Happy Holidays!!!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hi! Did you get our xmas card yet?

I think I will talk about it on here in a few days after they're all delivered.

Anyways, here are some pics from the past few days that would probably have been much better xmas cards (at least I am sure the grandmas think so!) #toobad

 Jackson turned 13 and got a bacon and hamburger treat on china
St Nick came
Gave super hero jammies and toys

We did our annual trip to downtown macy's and saw their huge elf display, met santa and then went out to a wonderful lunch at the old school fancy Macy's restaurant. The 3 moms had popovers, hangar steak salads and special xmas drinks with sparkling wine and cranberry juice.

I met my girlfriend out last night (after a haircut) and a ran into a bunch of Patrick's friends. So we sent him this picture (he was home with the boys. hee hee)
 We got a tree today in below zero weather. They may not look like it here (the sun was in their eyes) but they had a riot! We chased eachother through the aisles of trees. What polar wind?
And santa surprised us by coming out of his trailer (did you know he has one?) and asking the boys to come talk to him. It was a bit confusing as they had met Santa the day before at Macy's... He looked different. But I think we realized that this was one of his helpers!
Tree Done!!

took this with a timer! I am in a 15 year old turtleneck and long johns but oh well!