Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays to you!

Wishing you the merriest of seasons! And I wish I could give each of you a hug and a kiss! squeeze! smooch! Thank you for being a part of our lives! And thank you for caring about us & reading our mundane little blog!! we are SO appreciative of our friends and family! Especially this time of year. God bless you & happy holidays!

 chewing on his slipper
 A new trend has started at our house. Cy dresses himself in the same outfit as Arlo. I never wanted to dress them the same because I know people like my mom (who is an identical twin) hated being dressed the same as their sibling. Reverse psychology I guess? Ignore it and it will happen!
 turtleneck and jean day
 Arlo makes Cy laugh SO hard
 I can say that they are now the best of friends. And they are starting to fight too! Cy LOVES to egg on his little brother. And Arlo is no wallflower. He has a pretty big bark to him for such a lil one. He lets you know it when he means business!
 maybe my most fave picture of all time.
 We got our couch finally! In love.... it's dreamy.
 friends over for dinner and cupcakes!

 So the Lucy's (Nana's maiden name) have a oyster stew tradition. And good ole Cy bellied himself right up to the dining room table and dove in headfirst to a big ole bowl of stew with all the grown-ups! Side note: there were 9 BOYS there. No girls!
 Celebrating Uncle Jack's 80th birthday. The boys wore fireman hats in case all those candles started the house on fire (totally nana humor!)
 Speaking of Nana, she had Patrick read a very sweet Christmas book (Christmas Delicious) to all the kids (the grown up's listened too!) I am sure Patrick felt sorta funny doing it but it ended up being a very cute moment!

 Last night we had the Emmer's over to our house to celebrate all the birthdays (including Jesus's :)

 Arlo got a HUGE lion
 Boppa got a silly hat
And we all sang happy birthday to "Nana, Tim, Patrick and Jesus" (that's what Tim had written on the cake!)

Tomorrow we all go to Cy's school to watch him perform a Christmas program with his class! He has his outfit all laid out on his chair already!

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