Thursday, December 13, 2012

A very happy family for the holidays

Well don't buy us any presents this year! We are still just SO happy to have a home. A home we adore at that! Nearly every day either Patrick or I say "I just LOVE this house!" It is so "us." It's working out great! No complaints! Now we are just busy busy busy trying to get organized/moved in and prepared for the holidays! Time is flying as it always does in December! Arlo's vocabulary is taking off. He is mimicking everything we say. He has a lot of words he uses these days. Some of his favorites are "mama" "dada" "Cy" "more" "no!" "dog" "bye bye" but the list is growing rapidly! And talking to Cy these days is almost like talking to an adult. He wants to know the "why's" of everything. Including the biggies like heaven and death and all sorts of tough ones. He is also a fantastic older brother. He opens the door for me when I am carrying Arlo. He is happy to get Arlo anything he needs. He entertains him when I am cooking or doing something...
Both boys still nap. Cy occasionally skips his nap but not very often. It's the only time I can work on the house, shower, you name it. I still haven't done a lick of exercise but we did join the YMCA which is right down the road and I hope to be heading there frequently after the holidays. They have terrific kids programs which we are really excited about. And just this week I have FINALLY weaned Arlo off the breast. To me (and a lot of people, I know!) it went a little too long but there really wasn't much we could do. It was the only way to live in a hotel without keeping everyone awake. Every time we would drop a feeding, Arlo would start night wakings so we were pretty scared to do any major changes until we were all settled in to our house, which we finally are! Now if this awful engorgement would just stop, I will feel like I have my body back! Yay!
Thank you to all who have been keeping track of us the past few months. They truly were tough and it is such a blessing to be through all of that and settled for the holidays. It feels SO good!
 destroy the mail while mommy makes dinner
 Cy's idea -- "camping" in the basement. Cy & Patrick spent the night on the couch in the basement last weekend. I was surprised but they slept late!
 Getting our tree! It was brutally cold that night!
 since we don't have much furniture upstairs yet, the tree got a prime spot right in front

 once and a while Cy decides to wear all of one color to school. This particular day was "red day" and he capped it off with argyle socks and a tie! I love it when he comes strutting out of his room, all proud, in some whackadoo outfit, and declares "It's red day!!"
 Jackson turned 12. He had a celebratory hot dog and candle and of course we all sang to him!
 St Nick came! He had to come to our basement fireplace because some little hands were ripping down the stockings from the upstairs fireplace. The large box you see is cy's cabin fort.
 random whole tomato snack. One of Arlo's fave snacks is a dill pickle! Seems fitting.
 A Christmas get together with lots of the next generation
 one day we decided Arlo would make a great paul bunyon

 arlo discovered the only cabinet that wasn't child-proofed and mommy made dinner through the racket
 we got over a foot of snow!!!

 the dining room got wallpapered! Here's the before (above)
 and the after. We love it!

and Cy's all settled in his room. He loves his under the bed fort!

Oh and Eleanor: Arlo got stitches because he fell and his tooth went all the way through his lip! Ewwww!! he's fine now though!

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