Friday, November 9, 2012

one more thing i want to add - there is such thing as frontline resistant fleas!

I just posted a new post - see below -- and pictures of our life in a hotel. I just realized though that I never wrote about a crucial player in all of this.... FRONTLINE!!
We will never know where Jackson got fleas from. Our yard? The cabin? The kennel? But I can tell you with no doubt that FRONTLINE PLUS does not work on all fleas. After all the research I have done, including talking to a vet who has experience with this, I have learned that Frontline is an old product and that it appears that some fleas have developed a resistance to it. Not all fleas. The vet at our clinic used to work in Oregon where fleas were a common problem (maybe because it never freezes much there?) and she said she encountered many many dogs/cats infested with fleas on Frontline. She said once they switched the animals to a new flea drug, their flea problems were gone. Anecdotal, yes. But since I have witnessed this myself add me to the long growing list of anecdotal evidence.

Jackson is on a new med recommended by our vet. (I had to go to a different vet to get it! She doesnt even sell it and she endorses it!)

Jackson was on Frontline continuously throughout the year. He got infested. Enough said.

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Jennifer said...

We had a few fleas this year and I put that "frontline" type medicine on the cats. It burned all of Monkey's hair right off and caused a hot spot. There are NO easy answers to fleas. But that's the last time I use that systemic pesticide shit! Yuk!