Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All moved in, well almost!

Hi! We closed on our house on November 14th. We started painting that day. Patrick used to paint in college so he painted along with two guys he used to work with. We painted almost the whole house, including most of the trim work. It was a lot of time and work but it paid off. The house looks really updated! I cannot wait to show you before and after pictures but those might be a long time coming because we still have quite a bit of work ahead of us. Our whole family is just giddy about this new house. It has lots of space. And there are little things that we just love about it. The window over the kitchen sink looks right over the back yard. The master bedroom has two closets and its own bath with a fantastic shower. There is a lot of storage in the basement. We turned the big rec room area into a split room - half family/tv area and half playroom. I think it worked out great. The galley kitchen has really tall cabinets which provide a lot of space and a pantry. Arlo has two closets in his room so we made one a fort with a secret entrance through a bookcase. We made our master bedroom very grown up. It has a chandelier! (overstock.com of course.) We still dont have much furniture in the upstairs family room but it is all coming together bit by bit.

One stall in our garage is absolutely filled with bags of stuff to wash & unpack. I am going very slowly to make sure it is all clean before it comes in. I keep saying "one lazy mistake" to not properly treat or wash something or one decision to be cheap (and keep a flea-egged chair, etc.) and all of our hard work was for nill... It's hard because I want to keep everything... like our beloved leather rocker... but after throwing out all of our couches, rugs and beds, why should I keep that one upholstered item that sat on a flea infested rug?

The boys are doing great. They love the new house too.

My parents were here for a week and literally worked from 7:30am til 8pm every day, nonstop with the exception of a break for Thanksgiving dinner. Hard working people, those folks!

And speaking of hard working people, you would not believe the help we had from friends and family. The Emmer's took the kids for multiple nights & even brought us food! Uncle Tim helped in a million different ways - moving, kid care, etc. My sweet friend Jono came over and must have put in almost 20 hours of sweat labor - painting and putting together ikea furniture. Josh came over one evening and painted... If any of you read this -- A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!

 Trick or treating and Halloween. We were still living in Uptown. We were a family of skunks -- Cy's idea of course. He wanted to be animals that people are afraid of! We had spray bottles with water so we could "spray" people.
 Annual candy sort.

 Just before we all got sick with a horrible stomach flu.

 Arlo at the emergency room (read his shirt - very appropriate) getting stitches in his lip at the EXACT same moment as our closing.
 Let the painting begin!
Lynn & Fishpa arrive. Lynn becomes a nanny. Fishpa morphs into "Fixpa"
This is our breakfast nook card table!
 Boys first bath in their new tub
 Who needs furniture when you have boxes!

I didnt take a lot of pictures at the Emmer's for Thanksgiving (too busy enjoying relaxing for the first time!) but see if you can spot Nana in this one!
The bottom left side of this bookcase is gone -- its the entrance to the closet fort!

Friday, November 9, 2012

one more thing i want to add - there is such thing as frontline resistant fleas!

I just posted a new post - see below -- and pictures of our life in a hotel. I just realized though that I never wrote about a crucial player in all of this.... FRONTLINE!!
We will never know where Jackson got fleas from. Our yard? The cabin? The kennel? But I can tell you with no doubt that FRONTLINE PLUS does not work on all fleas. After all the research I have done, including talking to a vet who has experience with this, I have learned that Frontline is an old product and that it appears that some fleas have developed a resistance to it. Not all fleas. The vet at our clinic used to work in Oregon where fleas were a common problem (maybe because it never freezes much there?) and she said she encountered many many dogs/cats infested with fleas on Frontline. She said once they switched the animals to a new flea drug, their flea problems were gone. Anecdotal, yes. But since I have witnessed this myself add me to the long growing list of anecdotal evidence.

Jackson is on a new med recommended by our vet. (I had to go to a different vet to get it! She doesnt even sell it and she endorses it!)

Jackson was on Frontline continuously throughout the year. He got infested. Enough said.

Another quick update

We close on our house next week. We will be leaving our temporary apartment and getting everything out of our storage unit & bringing it all back together. (reunited and it feels so good!) We are also doing some major painting (Patrick and his friend) before we move in. The old house still has its little friends living in it. We had the yard done. We had Orkin come for a third time! Just waiting to move out of there now. Sad.

The past few weeks have just been dealing with logisitcs. And illness. We all got sick. Pretty bad. Fevers. Nasty cough. Sinuses, etc. Last night Mr Arlo puked every half hour ALL NIGHT LONG. not good for a mama whose husband is in California all week! I'm a little out of sorts today! So please excuse my exceptionally bad grammar and spelling errors. We went to the doctor this morning and Arlo checked out fine. Ears. Throat. Lungs. All looked good. Virus I guess. Nasty.

Today is Cy's half birthday. He is smiling ear to ear because he is so excited to be four AND A HALF. Sadly we spent the moring at the doctor office getting Arlo checked out instead of celebrating. But we are going to take advantage of being in Uptown for one last week and walk down to a nearby bakery Woullet's - and get him a special treat later!

And I would like to ask that you keep the Hansen family in your thoughts and prayers. Dr Hansen is one of my dad's partners and best friends. His lost his daughter this week to cancer. She was my age and my friend. We met when we were young on ski trips out west with our dads. I will never forget how grateful I was to see her smiling face in my very first class the very first hour at a brand new school in a new school district. Ms K's math class. A familiar face! And a friend! And we were wearing the EXACT same outfits that first day. Sara was so sweet and she took my hand and made all the newness seem not nearly as scary. She was just one of those super smiley, happy, sweet natured people. She left behind a husband and two young sons. My heart aches for her family but I am glad she is not suffering any longer. She put up an amazing fight. Rest is peace sweet Sarah. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/nky/obituary.aspx?n=sarah-baker&pid=160891781#fbLoggedOut

makes fleas seem silly now doesn't it?

This photo montage is titled "Life with fleas. Life in a hotel."

 This was the first night we returned home from Milwaukee (back in Sept) to discover these strange bugs everywhere. I took a picture of one to show to people to find out what it was. Makes me sick now to look at it. How can something so tiny completely turn ones life upside down?
 Belgium waffle bars at all the hotels. First Cy was elated and by the end of our long hotel stint he just wanted oatmeal!
 Arlo eating lunch in the garage before we realized that was also infested. I brought him there so I could run in & grab stuff, etc.
 Arlo's room literally being turned upside down. This is when we were using that non-toxic powder to try to kill the fleas. No avail. Orkin came a week later.
 Cy's room
 When you don't have toys in a hotel, you improvise! the dog makes a great toy.
 Arlo & mama time while Cy was in school
 Finding fields/nature even when we were in the middle of a concrete jungle.
 Self-entertaining with soaps, dishes and water.

 The typical baby-taking-out-the-pots pic... but this time our memory will be in a hotel!
 Hotel parking lot walks.
 early morning hotel lobby visits
Improvised hotel jungle gyms

A reprise from hotel life. Dada took the boys to a fall festival

 Cy and Arlo's bedroom for a month.
 Now we live here. In the first floor.
 Before we left the hotel we did over 20 loads of laundry. Used Arlo's crib as our basket. This is just one of the many times we filled the crib. The boys were at  the grandparents and we literally stayed up all night. These are all clean clothes. The hotel had free laundry machines - good ones - and a lot of them - so we washed EVERYTHING we own!
 Bagging up the house. Moments before the mean bad guys came and took away my favorite couch and rugs. (I just might have shed a tear or two on the sly)
 A house worth's of mattresses waiting to be hauled away.
 Here is a pic of the inside where we live now in Uptown. The furnishings have a sort of european hostal feel to them. Futons. Lots of kitsch. But three bedrooms and much more space!
It does have a updated (although very small) kitchen.

See you in our next place! :) We close on Wednesday!