Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hello I am sure you are wondering why I have been neglecting you

and there are so so so many reasons for that!

First of all, We are STILL infested and STILL not living at our house.

Secondly, a few weeks ago I decided to take down all mention of fleas on my site while we figured out what to do because we were looking at new places to rent. I didn't want to have my name googled and some potential landlord turn us down because of my blog! But now we have a game plan and we don't need to worry about that anymore! (KNOCK ON WOOD!) So I put back up my previous flea-post... and I feel free to talk about it. We ARE going to fight this with our landlord but I am not writing anything on here that I don't want to tell them anyways. Heck, maybe if they read this they'll feel bad and help out without any fight. We will see!

Thirdly: the past month every bit of free time has been spent progressing towards resuming a normal life.. and here is what we have been up to:

- constantly struggling with the unknown-future: should we try to move back in? Should we have orkin come again? (they have come twice so far) should we move out completely? Should we keep this item of furniture/clothing/etc or could it have flea eggs in it? Well, we did try to move back in. We thought they were gone. We were wrong and it was another huge heartbreak. So back to the hotel we went.

-- cleaning, de-flea-ing our old house. I am systematically wiping down (with pine sol which apparently kills or at least detracts fleas) every single thing we own and then bagging them in these gigantic zip lock bags that you can find at Menards. They are big enough to fit Cy in them. You can't even imagine the process. Every single item of clothing was washed in hot water and then dried for at least 60 minutes on high and then bagged. If it got ruined, so be it. All stuffed animals, shoes, etc spend a week in a ziplocked bag in a freezer before they leave the house. We use bags, not boxes to pack up our entire home because we found fleas in boxes in the house AND in deliveries out on the porch. We wear white socks when we enter the home that come up over our pants so that we can see the fleas on us and we don't get bit. We change in the garage before we leave the house. The garage has nice little mountain of white socks built up in it now. Nothing can touch the floor or it is "contaminated" with potential flea eggs (and orkin sauce!) Yadda yadda yadda the insanity goes on forever. Once our items are bagged, we move them to a newly rented storage unit. That way there is no chance of contamination... You should see our unit - filled with billions of huge bags that represent our lives. Crazy.

- We spent the entire last month at the Staybridge Inn & Suites in Bloomington - close to Cy's preschool and within sight of the ski hill where he takes his lessons. I highly highly recommend them as a fantastic hotel if you are ever traveling. We had a 1 bedroom suite so Patrick and I had our own bedroom and the boys slept out in the living area. Cy slept on a pull out and Arlo in the pack-and-play. Jackson was there too. It had a tiny little kitchen too. Quite "cozy." I can't believe we did that for a whole month! But we became friends with the staff and I was actually a bit sad to say goodbye when we left there this past Sunday. Arlo learned to walk there! And that is where we were staying when we bought our first house (oh yes we did!) So big things happened at that hotel. And they gave us an extended-stay, tax exempt rate which still came out to quite a chunk of money but it could have been a lot worse. Oftentimes I would come back with the boys after school and Jackson would be "working" with Sam at the front desk. Her "furry employee."  Other staff members would sneak Arlo bananas at night, praise Cy on his school projects, give him a free ice cream, calculate numbers for me & lend us all sorts of things one needs for regular life like scissors and tape, etc. The boys also enjoyed the huge breakfasts that were free every morning, free dinners three nights a week and an evening dip in the pool. It was just like a long vacation! (yea right)

- And then yes, we bought a house! We close November 15th (knock on wood.) Basically this whole fiasco forced us to show our hand. We knew we couldn't move back in. (I was just at our old house TODAY and had to wear bug spray because the fleas were eating me alive.) And it was time for Cy to be living in a good school district so buying a home was more appealing than renting. He will start kindergarten in the fall and I am excited to say that he gets to go to the same school that most of his preschool classmates will go to! And so with Nana as our realtor we began to look for a house and within a week we had made an offer. It's a 50's Edina rambler. Nothing sexy. But spacious, near a big park, with a big yard, lots of storage, a 2 car garage and three bedrooms upstairs (the master has it's own bathroom!!) and a guest bedroom with bath downstairs. Just right for us.

- So once we knew where we were going and when, we looked into temporary furnished apts. Because we knew we needed a place for one month. We found a three bedroom in Uptown - right near our old condo! Oh boy is it fun to be back!! I do wish we could just live here... but we would need to be millionares to afford a decent sized house and private school. Someday maybe, right?

So that's my quick little summary.

Emotionally it's been hard. The boys seem to be doing fine. Cy occasionally says he wishes he could go home which breaks my heart but then we dangle the new-house carrot in front of him and he is ok. My brain is still sort of frantic. The first month of this ordeal was surreal. One of the hardest things we have ever been through. (The risky pregnancy and preceeding loss were much much harder though - which actually is giving us some perspective through all this.) And now I am just dealing mostly with logistics, which is still overwhelming in so many aspects (time & money.)  Sadly we had to throw out ALL of our mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture... (can you believe we had to PAY the garbage men almost $300 to haul our stuff away? money is just flying out of our hands thanks to those darn fleas!!!) Anyways,  I am daunted and excited to be planning new furnishings. I found a nice used (wood-frame-only) bed for Cy off Craigslist - it's lofted with a fort under it... But there is NO WAY I will be buying him his mattress or any of our upholstered items off Craigslist after all this. You can imagine why. So when I am not caring for the boys or cleaning & packing, the rest of my time is spent looking for new couches, chair and mattresses. Ikea here I come! (that part is fun!)

Anyways, It was cathertic to write on here again. It forces me to take a step back & try to explain our situation... and when I look at it from a distance I am in disbelief that this is happening to us! Thank you all for your kind words and prayers and if you are free on or after November 15th, please come paint or move some furniture! :) Beer is on us!


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