Thursday, October 11, 2012

a brief update

Just a little update:
Arlo started walking! He doesn't exclusively walk. He still chooses to crawl over walk but I saw him walk about 15 feet without stopping yesterday so I'd say he has officially become a walker! Yay Arlo. And he is almost the exact same age Cy was when Cy started walking which is funny because Arlo start crawling super early... but just ended up crawling longer.
As far as our situation goes -- I can't go in to a lot of details right now because things haven't changed much but we are looking for a house! I have been very busy trying to find our family a new place to live. I will definitely post any details on here when we figure out what we are doing!

Lots of love!
(ps: Cy got a haircut a day after these pics! His hair is crazy long here -- you can tell mommy has had a lot on her plate lately!)


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Jennifer said...

Love the Autumn look! Beautiful!! Makes me miss the colorful midwest...almost:)