Monday, September 10, 2012

two weeks in wisco: say it with pictures

HI! We have been here in Wisconsin for over two weeks now and we still have a lot more time left! We spent 10 days up at the cabin & then I headed down to brookfield with the two boys while patrick flew to Mpls for the past week to work. Then Patrick came down here and met up with us and we all went to a wonderful wedding last night. Cousin Lauren got married. Cy was a ringbearer! So, here are pictures from our week at the lake. We spent the week with my cousin Jennifer, Jeff and their two kids Finn and baby Neve. My parents, Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim were there too. I just loved spending the week with Jens and her family. It makes me so sad to think we might not see them again for another whole year! We might not last that long - we might have a trip to Washington state in our future! We miss you guys so much!!!!
 Fall colors and swimming

 scooter Cy
 a nice place for some corn
 ah vacation is so relaxing

 Arlo sits like this all the time. It is so cute!
 Being up north is so "refreshing"
 a cool surprise for dada

 cousin finn!
 Arlo loves Megan & Eleanor's play kitchen that same all the from Greece!

 Baby Neve
 Look! An eagle!
 Epic smores
 Only Fishpa would ride with hot coffee & a paper in the basket. Arlo's helmet is a little big! :)
 Auntie of the dome
 sweet Finn

 crazy sand soccer
 family pic - Jens, I think I can fix this when I get home!
 little kids
 big kids

 my fave family shot

 the star float
 always flying

 daddy saved Arlo from the huge waves! They scared him

 You know you have a great hubby when you catch him fixing the battery while wearing a Bjorn!

 out for a ride
Baby love

Lambeau field: a great place to change a poop diaper!

 On our way to the second half of our trip: Milwaukee......

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