Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happier times -Lauren's wedding

2 final funny up-north pics before the Lauren wedding pics

 preschool yoga at the cabin
 rehearsal dinner. me & my date

 the bride & groom the night before. Wisco-style DELICIOUS fish fry!!
 Wedding day. So most of the pics I am posting on here are of Cy as a ringbearer... I have tons and tons of wedding pics to give Lauren... I decided the grandparents want to see Cy in a tux though so that's what you get. It was a very elegant, beautiful wedding.

In a no-nap stupor -- but cute nonetheless!

Letting off some steam after pictures.
 Family arrives! Carol & Jim. Cy slams a ham sandwich in a tux
Cy did NOT want to wear a flower!
Sarah putting the flowers on the twins
 Cy & his favorite twins
 A little practice before it starts.Patrick & Arlo at the start of the long aisle.
He did great!!!

Little ones are so cute all dressed up

Ask him to jump & you will get a genuine smile!
 Arlo rocked a pink clip on tie and searsucker pants.

 Time to cut loose on the dance floor - maybe pick up some hot chicks.

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