Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our days in Wisconsin + Cy's first day of school

Up at the cabin, I had the car fully loaded with 3 weeks worth of kid stuff, ready to make the drive by myself with the two boys (yes I am aware of the juxtaposition of that statement!) from the cabin down to Brookfield, WI when Fishpa noticed that one tire was very low. Turns out it had a nail in it. We had to completely unload the whole car, unstrap the boys out of the car seats and kill an hour while fishpa put the spare on. Thank God he noticed it then!!
We visited Grandpa Cy's grave in Milwaukee.
We brought all sorts of things from Crooked Lake to decorate it. Like these two sticks that spell "Cy." Also: a clam shell, a pine cone, a nail from his roof (Cy's idea), and pine needles,.
Arlo played near his grave too.
The next day the boys and I drove up to Madison for the day and visited Pam and her two boys. She has a third boy on the way! She is due this winter.
She sure looks great for being so far along!
The zoo in Madison has the most amazing playground!
This picture was taken back in Milwaukee at a place called the Big Backyard. We met our friends Megan & Elsa there one day! Arlo took his first few steps in a row there!! He is getting closer and closer to walking.
Patrick came down halfway through our time there to spend the weekend & go to Lauren's wedding. On our anniversary (9/10) we took the boys down to Milwaukee's lakefront and walked along the harbor. It was an absolutely perfect day. In fact, the weather was nearly pefect our entire trip! Hot at the cabin - perfect for swimming and the a little cooler when we got down to Milwaukee - perfect for outside activites!
Like the Milwaukee County Zoo! Grandma Lynn & I took the two boys there for a day.
Cy was delighted to see that Fishpa's favorite local coffee shop had been sold & converted into a popular Fro-Yo place! 
Then Cy & I took the train(!) to Chicago. his first train ride! We dropped our stuff off at Patrick's hotel room (he was down there for the whole week) and grabbed a cab (! - his first cab ride!) to the Museum of Science and Industry. We were only in Chicago for 30 hours but we packed a lot in!
Cy got to be part of the tornado demonstration. We also saw a wonderful Imax movie there - also Cy's first Imax- about wild animals. I highly recommend!
Then we shot on up to Lincoln Park to see Joanna (due in October!) and her big pal Stanley.
Finally after a rest, we were reunited with Dada!! We took Cy out to a seafood restaurant because he loves fish and crab and all sorts of seafood and we thought he would love it but it turns out he was so pooped from the huge day that he spent most of the dinner with his head in my lap (which made it a nice "date" for Patrick & I)
We woke him up with this though! After dinner we shot up to the very top of the Sears Tower. They have a glass area that has a glass floor so you are actually standing over 108 stories high with nothing but some glass under you. I was freaked! But Cy loved it. He was doing a jig, jumping, giving me a total heart attack.
The next morning. The hotel was beautiful and had floor to ceiling windows with great views.
Cy & I stopped by the "the bean" on our way to the Shedd Aquarium. Photo by Cy,
Our breathtaking view at lunch at the aquarium.
And finally, after the aquarium we headed right next door to the super huge, amazing trade show Dada was working at. He gave us a tour of some of the machines. These robots were amazing!!
Getting off the train in Milwaukee. Bye bye train!!
A mere two days later - back up in Minnesota, already living in a hotel, first day of pre-school!!
Uncle Mike came and swam with the boys one night while Patrick worked on the house.
See below for a video of Cy as ringbearer and pictures from Lauren's wedding.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cy as a ringbearer

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happier times -Lauren's wedding

2 final funny up-north pics before the Lauren wedding pics

 preschool yoga at the cabin
 rehearsal dinner. me & my date

 the bride & groom the night before. Wisco-style DELICIOUS fish fry!!
 Wedding day. So most of the pics I am posting on here are of Cy as a ringbearer... I have tons and tons of wedding pics to give Lauren... I decided the grandparents want to see Cy in a tux though so that's what you get. It was a very elegant, beautiful wedding.

In a no-nap stupor -- but cute nonetheless!

Letting off some steam after pictures.
 Family arrives! Carol & Jim. Cy slams a ham sandwich in a tux
Cy did NOT want to wear a flower!
Sarah putting the flowers on the twins
 Cy & his favorite twins
 A little practice before it starts.Patrick & Arlo at the start of the long aisle.
He did great!!!

Little ones are so cute all dressed up

Ask him to jump & you will get a genuine smile!
 Arlo rocked a pink clip on tie and searsucker pants.

 Time to cut loose on the dance floor - maybe pick up some hot chicks.