Tuesday, August 7, 2012

sleeping in my clothes + not brushing my teeth

So last week we had a crazy week! And for the first time in a very very long time I had something social 4 nights in a row. Big (and some late) nights too!

First we met friends at a park for a swim & hang out with all of our kids.

The next night my dear friend Joanna came through town and I finally got a chance to see her (since i missed her babyshower when my flight was cancelled!)

The following night Patrick's good friend came though town on his motorcycle with his dad and friend. They were going on a week-long ride out west and we were their first stop. A big group gathered at a fancy restaurant called Parma 8200 and had the most insanely delicious dinner (and wine!) thanks to the fine selections made by Parma's head chef Mike Dalton. He is an old friend of Patrick, the motorcycle rider and the rest of the group that gathered. He and his wife ate with us. You might remember him as the drummer at our wedding! Anyways we were honored to be his guests and we are lucky to be friends with one of the Twin Cities' best chefs! If you eat at Parma 8200, be sure to get the pork Cavatelli and the Bucatini!

The night after that was my close friend katie's birthday! I was back out again! Another big table of friends. Lots of laughs and everyone was smiley, relaxed and tan from a good summer! White pants with a tank are "in" this summer!

And the week just kept going wild! The next night Patrick left for a long weekend in the Wisconsin Dells with 25+ guys for a golf weekend in honor of their friend Ben O. who died a few years ago.

Which left me up to my own devices....
 On Friday I recruited Uncle Mike and we took the boys to the nearby beach called Shady Oak. It's a short bike ride distance from our house and a perfect sunset swim hole. Uncle Mike swam out deep with Cy while Arlo & I played in the shallow area. That night I remember going to sleep in my clothes so tired that I didn't bother killing the large housefly that was buzzing around my head! It was still light out.

 The next morning Arlo got picked up by Nana and went to spend his first night on his own at their house. And Cy & I packed up my bike trailer and embarked on our first overnight bike trip! I used google maps to find a hotel about 10 miles away (which feels like 30 when you are pulling a heavy trailer!!) and we went for it! Cy was so excited he told everyone he was going to "Chanhassen" like it was Disney World! Our friends Molly & Campbell drove out to meet us there & swim in the pool & have dinner with us that night! If you look closely you can see Cy's martini glass dessert that is filled with donuts! That's right. This kid got to pick any dessert off the menu AND stay up late. (He lasted till about 9:15pm)

 The next day we got back on the bike/trailer after a great morning of belguim waffles, cartoons and more swimming!  It was a great mom/son weekend! I hope to do it every year! My mind is racing with all sorts of ideas that we can do! :) But maybe this simple bike trip is the perfect way to go... It was definitely a highlight of the summer.
 Last night we met the Emmer's at Cy's favorite park to celebrate Arlo & Boppa's birthdays (we cancelled an earlier celebration because the boys had 104 degree fevers.) We had food delivered, exchanged gifts, ate birthday cupcakes, swam and played in the sand. It was great. I slept in my clothes again last night without brushing my teeth. These full summer days are exhausting!
 This morning I took some shots of the boys playing with the leftover balloons....

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