Tuesday, August 7, 2012

non professional but professional looking pics

Hi! I love our non-professional professional photographer! She takes the cutest pics! And when she is done, she just gives them to us on a disk. We have all the rights so we don't have to buy prints like you do with expensive professional photographers. I decided it was time to get a good family pic done. I get a little emotional thinking about it but: Jackson is getting old (11.5 yrs.) Arlo just turned one. Patrick's looking hot thanks to his new running habit... So we met up with Little Sparrow Photography for a quick session on Lake Calhoun (appropriate for Arlo Calhoun's first bday!) and here are some of my favs. You can't even tell that it's raining and Arlo had poop in his pants for the ENTIRE photo shoot, right?!

 I love this sweet picture and just today gave Arlo his first hair trim after seeing this pic!

Happy first birthday Arlo!!

I added another blog entry below if you feel like reading a blow by blow account of our entire last week (yawn.)

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