Wednesday, August 15, 2012

family camp

Hi! Back in January or so I had to reserve Cy spots in summer camps at the nature centers. While I was doing that, I stumbled upon a cabin to reserve for a good price at a great park on Lake Independence.
Well this weekend we stayed there & we were pleasantly surprised! I hadn't realized that I had actually signed us up for "family camp." It was at the park we had camped at before, but at a whole different location. It was called the "Baker-near Wildnerness Settlement Area." and it consisted of about 10 rustic cabins (1 room, bunk beds, a wood stove and a table. no bathrooms, no electricity, no kitchen, etc) and a beautiful "lodge" in the center.
All sorts of great families with kids were staying in the other cabins and the naturalists had all sorts of family activities planned that you could opt-in... archery, rock-climbing, canoeing. critter shows, lectures on worms, etc.

However there were some bad parts to camp... both Patrick and I woke up sick in the middle of the first night there and the rest of the weekend was a physical struggle. We both felt a bit better when we were up and about but in reality it was pretty tough. We took a lot of turns sleeping... and went to bed early. But it was good all-around. We went on a bike ride. We played at another playground. We had all the camp kids making ice-cream on the last night.
We are staying out at this family camp again in Sept for fall family camp & I can't wait!

 "Scooter Cy" was never without his scooter all weekend. In jammies.

 and in his rainsuit.
 Arlo enjoying breakfast in the woods. We literally carted his highchair all the way out to this cabin.
 at the lodge
 climbing trees
 our lil cabin

 happy lil grubbers
 doin dishes
 Cy and his new friend Anna who followed him everywhere. She had saucer eyes for Cy.

 This is a series of "photos by cy" here is Arlo's first haircut.
 photos by cy
 photos by cy
 photos by cy
 photos by cy
 photos by cy
 last week at the zoo. Kid on a camel.
 the dino exhibit at the zoo. They are life-like. They sound like jurassic park. they move, blink, breathe. scary!
Just ask Arlo: very scary!

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