Thursday, August 2, 2012

Arlo's first birthday

Hi! I hope you are ready for a major slew of photos! Arlo's first birthdayand a beautiful summer weekend means mommy takes lots of lots of pics!
First, a shout-out to Uncle Timmy. Thanks for your help! He came over and played with Cy one night when Patrick was gone because I had so much to do to get the whole house ready for a camping outing the next day!

 So for Arlo's first birthday weekend we drove up to the Mille Lacs area and camped two nights at Kathio State Park. It was huge, remote, rugged and beautiful.

Patrick cooks bacon in the pic above. Nothing beats the smell(and taste!) of bacon in the morning when you are camping!

 No matter where we go, we find a playground!

 A family pic on a hike in the park

 The whole family went for a morning run. It was steamy hot and a very bumpy stroller ride for the boys!
 Some quiet time "reading" in the tent after a day of swimming, hiking and adventures!

 After dinner ice-cream making again!
 Using a flashlight to read books at bedtime.
 Sunday morning - birthday boy!! I can't believe our sweet baby boy is one! It's hard to imagine what life was like before him. He adds so much to our family .I know this is all cliche, but hey there's a reason for cliches, right? They hold true! Anyways, Arlo is a very smiley, sweet little guy with a TON of personality. He has elbowed his way into being a vocal and strong little pillar in our family. It may be survival of the fittest going on here but he is not going to go unnoticed! And it is not easy to do that with a very verbose Cy James as your "brudder." We are so proud of his strong will and quick smiles. He's a jem!
 First Arlo opened his gifts in the tent & played with them while we packed up most of our stuff.

 Then we brought out a cake and sang him Happy Birthday. The cake had spent the weekend in a cooler and was still perfect on Sunday morning!

 Birthday cake for breakfast!!

 He loved it! And I truly think he loved his birthday weekend. It was just what we wanted: a quiet weekend spent as a family, completely outdoors!
 When we got home he found another present waiting for him. He just LOVES this car (that mommy found on Craigslist for $25, score!) The car is a gift from Grandma Lynn & Fishpa
 This week Mr Cy was in Bug Camp at the Nature Center so Arlo & I got to explore their trails.
The Hyland Park reserve is just an amazing area! It is huge and houses so many things. It houses the ski hill that Cy had lessons at this past winter. It houses the nature center and the reserve that surrounds it. Miles after miles of trails, both paved and not-paved meander throughout the area. Several lakes. A HUGE park. Pretty much utopia.
 One day we brought lunch and picnicked in a "fort" area in the forest. Cy is in the fort in the background.
 One day I was alone so I ran the non-paved trails. Breathtaking.
 I got lost and popped out of the woods & found myself under this! An olympic sized ski jump! It was so impressive that I stopped running & took my ipod out of its armband so I could take a pic!
 This is one part of the absolutely insane playground area that is linked to the park. It is nicknamed chutes and ladders park. It totally reminds me of a hamster maze.
 This is what you look like if you are 4 and it is 95 degrees out and you went through that maze of a park over and over again.
 Arlo says thanks for the pj's Finn!!

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