Saturday, July 14, 2012

life chaos before and after our vacay

Hi! If you know me at all, I'm sure you will have no problem believing that I have over 550+ photos from our 10 day get-away to the lake! Crazy! I am hoping to go through them sometime this weekend or maybe even next week. However, we are just slammed with activities. I have spent this week home in awe of my former (pre-vacation) self. My old schedule is SOO hard to keep up with! I say this tongue in cheek, but it is definitely true. Here's a little glimpse of just one day (yesterday.) Bear with me on the crazy amount of details... I want to remember what life is like these days!

5:20am breastfeed because Arlo woke up crying with a big poo in his shorts.
5:45am Start packing Cy's lunch, swim gear, etc while Patrick takes Arlo in jog stroller and runs 3-4 miles.
6:15am play with Arlo while Patrick showers.
6:45 get myself dressed, pack bags, leave
7:30-8:30 hot yoga class for mama while Patrick and boys eat breakfast & get ready
9am everyone meet at church that holds Cy's day camp
9am Patrick goes to work (he usually goes to work by 7:30am, once and while I get lucky and can do a yoga while he cares for the boys)
9:15am Arlo & I head to Lake Calhoun and take a 5 mile run while Arlo takes his morning nap in the stroller.
11am Arlo wakes up and we have a snack by the lake. A glorious day and a nice way to spend a little one on one time with the little guy.
11:30 bust butt all the way over to the State Fair Grounds 30 minutes away & get packet-pick-up for this weekend's activities.
12:30 bust butt all the way back over to Edina to pick up Cy from camp
1pm home, jammies, read Cy 2 books, sing 3 songs & say one prayer while Arlo destroys Cy's room.
1:30 Cy down. Breastfeed Arlo.
2pm. Arlo down
1 hour break to clean up all the bags & dishes & clothes from the morning. Read emails. dream of vacation or a nap & run around like crazy person.
3pm Cy up
4pm Arlo up
And the we are back at it again. Last night we went back over to St Paul and went to the Science Museum. Had dinner there. Got home right by bed time.
9:30 mom & dad in bed, reading & pass out.
which leads me to today. Here I am down in the basement at 6am while Arlo plays and everyone else is sleeping. Here we go again! 

I can't believe how long it takes to get back into the groove of these crazy busy days! This week has been fun but hard trying to adjust. It just doesn't let up. Planning less activities doesn't help at all because there's no sitting around no matter where we are!
Anyways, here are some photos from before and after our trip. The first few pics were sent to me from Cy's nature camp teacher in June.

 Arlo watching Dada play softball.
 Cy practicing on the tee. Patrick in the background in the blue shirt.
 Cy & I went to lunch at his old ski-lesson hill so he could see what it looked like in the summer
 Arlo is in to everything and always on the go!!
 we met up with friends this week at a really great little man-made lake. It's crazy!! It feels just like a regular beach but the whole thing is man made and the water is treated. It is very clean & quite pleasant. I'm not sure why the parks system would make a man-made lake like this - especially when you consider it's location. It is located right next to one of the west-metro's largest, nicest lakes. Patrick & I speculated that maybe it's because lakeshore real estate is so pricey?

 Cy just whips on his roller skates once and a while and comes flying out of his room.
 They don't really fight much. There are a lot of very sweet moments like these.
Last night at the Science Museum.

Ok, now Cy is up and the house is moving and shaking. We are thinking of going on a super long bike ride to get pancakes this morning!!


Jennifer said...

ok, here's your would have sooooo much more free-time if you cut out all that silly exercise nonsense! Seriously hot yoga AND a jog. Disgusting! Where in your schedule is the "sit on the couch and stare out the window while drinking coffee" time?

Eleanor said...

i liked the way you introduced Megan and me! The mom helper!