Monday, July 23, 2012

hi world

Ahh sweet sweet summer is just flying by!

Our epic bike ride last Saturday. I took this while we were cruising down the greenway on our way home after a long day of pancakes, swimming in Lake Calhoun in our clothes, park playing and fro-yo.

 Early in the morning last Sunday. We were dressed in white ready to go on our Color Run 5k!
 Nana came over and stayed with Arlo - thanks nana!
 So, the Color Run is a 5k that is put on all over the country and it is POP-U-LAR! They sell out in minutes. It's family friendly but it is definitely filled with hipster college kids and has an almost rave-like atmosphere.
 Every kilometer you run through a "color station" and they shoot a bright colored powder on you until you are one big happy messy sweaty rainbow at the end. And it was HOT and humid, like 90's, that day so we were drenched!
 At the end of the run they have a "color party" where someone counts down and everyone throws color powder into the air.
 It's a Willy Wonka wonderland. It is a true sight to behold. A festival for your eyes.
 And quite possibly the coolest thing this kid had ever seen. He was just totally amped up over the whole thing.

 A fat ice cream cone on a really hot day after a crazy run. We bought that stroller for $20 on Craig's List so we didn't ruin our "real" jog stroller.
 In the parking lot before we went home.
 That night we stumbled upon another amazing sight. A waterski show on the Mississippi with the gorgeous skyline as a backdrop. This show was the real deal with barefoot, arial acrobatics and huge pyramids. Breathtaking tricks.
 Note Dada's colored hands! We all took showers after the run but it took a day or two for ALL the color to wear off! This little cherub turns one on Sunday the 29th!
 Cy spent last week at farm camp. He stayed out at Nana and Boppa for two nights and went to camp for three mornings. He LOVED it! He held and pet all sorts of animals, milked a cow! and learned more about gardening and bugs and worms and everything else right up his alley.
 Arlo giving Cy a ride. Arlo is definitely "cruising" these days. Getting close to walking I think!
 While Cy was at Farm Camp, Arlo and I did some nice runs around Lake Calhoun (his middle name namesake! does that make sense?) Here we rested in the shade (i just layed in the grass next to him, shut my eyes and listened to the sounds of an urban lake scene) about 3 feet from the water's edge with a nice cool breeze cooling us off on a hot day. A serene moment that we don't get very often with a 4 year old firecracker as company!

So this past weekend started off as perhaps my most disappointing weekend of the year. I went to my friend Adrienne's babyshower on Friday night & came home early & excited for a quick 24 hour jaunt out of town for another friend (Joanna's) babyshower. Well that night at 3:30am the airline called to say my flight was cancelled! It was a dinky little airline (Spirit) and they only had 1 other flight - in the late evening - to offer instead. That flight would have gotten me in too late so I was forced to cancel the trip...

Jackson was already at the kennel, the boys were all packed for a night out at Nana & Boppa's so I was left completely alone at home from Saturday morning til Sunday evening.

After being pretty sad and watching a 3 hour Kardashian marathon while eating too much chocolate ice cream in bed, I decided to buck up and go meet the girls at the beach for a bit. Well the beach turned in to drinks & app's and the evening was super fun. One of those spontaneous sort of days that I never get to have with my close girlfriends anymore. Perfect! And on Sunday I went all out in the self-pamper department. I did sweaty yoga, ran the lake and then headed down to the best spa in town to cash in my birthday gift from Patrick - a massage AND a facial!  Oh and then I stopped off at a boutique and cashed in a credit that I have been meaning to use for 3 (yes THREE!!) years!

So I didn't get to travel and I didn't get to see my good friend Joanna BUT I did have a helluva weekend. Memorable for sure!

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