Thursday, June 7, 2012

oh boy oh boy oh boy

I am so excited! We've had so much fun stuff going on lately and it is nowhere near ending! I'm busy tonight packing for tomorrow's adventure: camping!!!

 Cy and his bestie Campbell had a "show" at Little Gym last week because it is the end of their year-long class
 Still a serious monkey
 Our poor floors and chairs are always stickey these days.
 This massive pile is what we needed to stay in a hotel room with 2 kids for ONE night! (I can only imagine what the camping-pile is going to look like tomorrow!)
 Two nights before the run. Getting the back of my running jersey ready with my homemade grandpa-cy tribute. My mom helped me laminate it up at the cabin last week. It was great running as a tribute to Grandpa Cy and I can tell you that I definitely thought of him a lot and asked him for a little push during the hardest parts of my run when I hit some walls. I think he gave me a lot of strength that day! Thanks Grandpa! We miss you dearly & (as you know) you are spoken about quite often in our home!
Cy was so stoked. The hotel that was the marathon base had a waterpark! The hotel had a great (seriously amazing) Minneapolis Marathon deal on rooms so we decided to reserve a room & stay there the night before the run. It included passes to the waterpark too. Great idea for so many reasons: The whole place was buzzing with runners and energy and it was so fun to be a part of that. The marathon start was literally right out our window so for the first time in a long time I didnt have to wait in a gigantic line for a porta potty before my run! With a 7:30am start time, staying close meant I had plenty of time to feed Arlo before I left. And as a added bonus it meant that Cy got to go back into the waterpark before we went home after the marathon (and mama got to soak her tired legs!)

The night before we walked around downtown. The hotel was right next to the mighty Mississippi and the views were ah-maze-ing!

And here I am running! The only shot I have of me actually running & I look really weird. I'm a few people over to the right from the center. Red skirt. Pink shirt. I dressed this way so my family could find me in bright colors! It worked great!
Afterwards. So tired and so happy. A great great birthday!!
My cheering crew all wore red/orange so I could find them. Thank you for the cheers boys. It was so great to have you three there - just for me!

And then we switch gears and I show you my muddy muddy children. Look at Arlo's feet.

dirtball brothers
Happy little dirtballs
No!! don't eat it!!
Oh yes, and since the half marathon -- cy has been inspired to RUN! He is so funny! He puts on a full running outfit and shoes and we go to the cemetary and he does laps. It is awesome! I scream and cheer him on the whole way. The neighbors must think I am a whack job.
Cy is really rocking at swimming lately. It's going to be a fun summer! Today his teacher dropped a ring to the bottom (3 feet) and he actually swam underwater to get it!

A lakeside picnic lunch.
A boy and his doggie.

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