Monday, June 11, 2012

camping and picnic pics

We did it! We camped for 2 nights in 90+ degree weather and it went well and we had a blast! Yipppee!!

 Marshmallows and a fire the first night we got there.
 Arlo went to sleep for his morning nap right on schedule!
 We spent the day at the park's beach. We camped at Willow River State Park. It has a waterfall, trails, playgrounds and is about 45 minnutes from our house in Wisconsin. Even though it was over 90 degrees there was a fantastic breeze and in the shade it was absolutely perfect. We didn't even bother trying to go to our tent during the day with the knowledge it would be an oven. So we just spent the day with a picnic lunch at the beach.
 When the kids' afternoon naptime came around we told them we had to go for a "drive" in the cool air conditioned car. Worked like a charm. All 4 of us slept for an hour in the car! :)
After nap we went back to the beach and made home-made strawberry, cookies and cream ice cream by hand. It turned out wonderfully. It was delicious and a perfect cold treat on a warm day.
 That night for dinner we had a visitor. Can you see her in the woods? Also, since we were car camping we brought Arlo's full sized high chair and it worked great. Kept him strapped in when we were setting up or had a fire going so we didn't worry about him getting in to trouble. He loves watermelon!

 Sunset pajama stroll with the lil one asleep and the big one almost out.
 Our queen mattress with Cy's cot at the foot of our bed.
 The Arlo side of the tent. Plenty of room!
 After we got home on Sunday we napped, showered and went to a picnic with old friends. Some of these guys have been Patrick's friends since grade school. Now we have a whole new generation! From left to right:
Addy, Margeaux, Camille, Haakon, Mary holding Tommy, Cy holding Arlo and Soren.
 Photo by Cy
All the kids & their parents with two moms missing.

This week Cy has camp Monday - Thursday from 9-1. I seriously miss him already. It is so quiet here without him! I don't know what Arlo & I are going to do all week! I know I'll be running every day (a 20 pound jog stroller is sooo much easier than a 60 pound one!)
On Weds Nana is coming to care for Arlo like she usually does which means I am going to have a morning off!!! I seriously don't know when the last time that's happened and I am giddy thinking about all the different things I can do! I think I am going to try to run and go to a sweaty yoga class and maybe a quick swim! Bliss!!

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