Saturday, May 12, 2012

well we have a 4 year old and a 9 month old now!

 Cy & his gal pal Georgie hiding out in our tent at Patrick's softball game. Man do kids love tents!
 Arlo in his jean shorts sitting on top of the ole minivan

 weekly "picture by Cy"
 Our little blue eyed smiley guy
 Dinner over at Stevie's house.
 Then grandma & grandpa came up. Took Cy fishing.
 A nice fat bluegill.

Very early birthday morning. Outfit #1. A huge thank you to all the relatives who sent gifts! So thoughtful. Mr. Cy was just in heaven. He loved each and every one of them!!

 Birthday breakfast. Homemade Belgium waffles. Outfit #2. While eating breakfast, Cy and the family listened to the radio. Patrick's cousin, Tom, who has a radio show announced on air that it was Cy's 4th birthday!! Cy was thrilled!!
 On his birthday we planted a ton of seeds. Maybe we will have some basil, mint, lavender, oregano, tomatoes, cucumbers. broccoli, cantelope, and flowers in a few months!.
 Then Cy &the family took his new bike out for a spin! This is the first time he rode it. (outfit #3)
 So proud. He also insisted on getting the helmut with the big shark fin on top of it.
 That night we all went to dinner at The Malt Shoppe. Yum!!  (and, finally outfit #4)
 Fishpa rode in the back, sandwiched between the car seats. Loved every second of it. (Can't you tell by his expression?) Anyways, this was the ride home after a nice 4th birthday. I'd say that Cy went to bed content that night. Lots of outside time. Lots of special treats & presents. And a huge sundae to cap off the night. What more could a 4 year old ask for!?
 While Lynn & Fishpa were here we took lots of walks & hikes. The weather could not be better!
 Tonight we had the Emmers and the uncles (Tim & Mike) over for a birthday/mother's day celebration. I received this card from my boys. I think it's a keeper.
 A quiet Nana moment
 The boys basking in the sun. The weather was just perfect.
 The grandma's busy snapping pictures and helping with dinner & the table prep.
 A quiet boppa moment

 Bucky badger sweatshirt, oshkosh overalls and two buck teeth diving into corn on the cob.... some things never change...

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Jennifer said...

Wait a minute, does Arlo has a mini-mohawk going on? Love it!
It's so weird to see all of "Finn's" clothes on Arlo. I know they are just clothes, but they have such strong memories attached. Favorite moments, favorite pics... For you as well I assume.

Did you use some sort of filter on those pics? They look old fashioned.