Saturday, May 19, 2012

beautiful weather and lots of outside time

Now that the weather is awesome I am starting to really get to the feel for what life is like with two boys. It means 4 feet to wash. 20 fingernails to scrub. 4 pockets to empty of sand. 2 pairs of wet jeans to wash. You get the idea. Arlo is on the move and will not be left out! He crawls in the sand, mud and grass and follows Cy all over the back yard. He's our little 4x4 off road baby. Both boys find so much joy in being outside. A few days this week we only went inside for naps. We ate all our meals outside. Lots of bike rides, parks and backyard fun! 

 new water toy he got for his birthday. It has locks and pulleys and all sorts of devices a 4 year old would love.
 Arlo loves trucks and cars these days. Did I mention he likes dirt too?
 photo taken approx 1 second before Arlo's face made contact with Cy's shoe!

 Cy & I went on another epic bike ride while Arlo stayed home with Nana. This time we headed west and found the jackpot park. Its about a 6 mile bike ride on beautiful trails that meander through woods and over streams and past lakes to get to it.
 Cy doused all his clothes and had a great time trying to catch minnows with his bucket. That water was cold and he did not care in the least! Luckily I had packed a spare change of clothes in the bike trailer! I think that we will have a spare outfit for both boys no matter where we go all summer. They seek dirt!
 That night we picnicked at another park called Shady Oak. It's also on a trail that runs from our house. It was just me & the boys because Patrick was having a glorious evening of golf.
 Last night Patrick had the two boys and mama got in some girl time. Cy was enchanted by these little ducklings.
And today they were back at another park.

Now that we are all active, mobile and healthy - there is nothing holding us back! I am really looking forward to an adventurous outdoorsy summer!!

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