Monday, April 16, 2012

i jinxed us

allrighty, that's the LAST time I ever brag on here about how we are all healthy! Within a day of writing that, Patrick came down with a cold which eventually morphed into an ear infection (when's the last time you heard of an adult with an ear infection?) so he's on antibiotics. Both boys & I got our wretched coughs back. Arlo's been up all night because he is a horrible sleeper and eater when he is congested. Oy vey!

We've had windows of healthiness though. While Patrick was convulsing with a fever, I whisked the boys out of the house each night last week to a random spot for dinner & to kill time. Because the weather was cool and I also felt a little under the weather, I kept us all indoors. Guess where I took them?? Dinner one night at Macy's (the cafe) and dinner the next night at Ikea! Totally random, eh? It fit the criteria though - a place where I could sit with two boys (cafeteria-style) and kill some time on the drive there & then have plenty to look at after dinner as we strolled around till bedtime. Total suburban mama in her minivan!

We are all very excited to hear news of my cousin Jennifer's latest baby. Her due date has come and gone so we know it will be any day now!! So looking forward to hearing about her arrival and seeing pictures of her!

A few remainder pics from Easter. Cy did his annual "rock hunt" with Nana and Boppa. It is put on by a local park. It's a egg (but rock) scavenger hunt they do in the park. Cy LOVES doing it! And I'm pretty sure Nana and Boppa do too!
Cy stayed at their house that night & they made "cake pops" Yum!!

 Cy's room has been officially childproofed. It's one of Arlo's favorite places to hang out. All the little, chokeable items went in a bin high up on a basment shelf. We left "tricks" out in the bottom cubbies on these shelves in Cy's room. When I am putting Cy down for his nap & reading books, Arlo crawls around on the floor and usually goes for one of the "tricks." Cy and I laugh because Arlo thinks he's really getting into something but in reality Cy & I planted it there. It's usually some big baby-friendly toy like Cy's dinosaurs or a board book.

We made this sweet little art project a few weeks ago & hung it over Cy's bed. It is a mosiac of all of our family's hand/foot prints in the shape of a heart. I also put matting on some printed little kid's prayers that Cy's teacher had given him & put those in the frame too.

Poor daddy was so sick but the boys didn't care!! They missed him so while he slept his illness away.

 One day we went up to Northeast Mpls to get our taxes done & popped in this cute store called "I LIke You" that features all local craftspeople. I got a killer necklace of a Wisconsin-shaped pendant with a heart in the middle.
 Nana came over and cared for Arlo on Weds during the day & Cy & I went down to the Mall of America and went on the rides! It's the real deal there. Roller coasters and ferris wheels and such. All indoors.  I talked Cy into going on a water log ride that was quite thrilling. When we were up over a story high, just about to come shooting down, an announcement came on that there was a "malfunction" and Cy & I were stuck up there for a good 5-10 minutes. Of course since it was a Weds morning we were the ONLY one up there. Thrilling indeed! Cy says he's over it. Doesn;t want to go on that ride anymore but he really wants to watch Fishpa do it.

 Something sweet I found on Pinterest. And need to remember now that Cy talks incessantly for 13 hours straight each day.
 Uncle Tim stepped in & helped take care of the kids on Saturday so mama could catch up on her sleep while they went to hockey lessons. Arlo had been keeping me up all night. Did I sleep? Nah, it was too nice out! I ran 7 miles! That cleared up the ole lungs for a bit!
My boys. This is the only pic where one of them isn't coughing!

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