Monday, April 9, 2012

happy april, happy easter!

Would you believe I have already taken 175 pictures in the month of April! Yeesh! Just goes to show that we are back in full swing and doing all sorts of fun stuff!

I've started running again and it feels soooo good!! It's hard pushing the two boys (over 60 pounds) but so worth it! They love the ride for the most part & I feel so energetic when I am done!

Arlo is in hard-core teething mode. One just broke through on the bottom. He has three out already on the bottom - so now almost four and the top two just keep getting lighter and lighter like they are going to break through any minute. Our sleep, therefore, hasn't been all that great lately. He poops and poops and poops these days. I'm pretty sure the excess salivia is the source. Makes for some early morning wakings. He is in great spirits though!

Cy has started ice-skating lessons (indoor) which he LOVES!! He just got new, real, golf clubs from the Emmer's for Easter/his birthday. They are so cute! He is becoming quite clever in his humor these days. Sometimes it is jaw-dropping.

 One of three egg hunts this weekend.
 A boy and his bounty.
 They are SO CUTE out there! They look like little penguins, They walk more than glide but they are all out there on single blades so it really is quite impressive!

 Cy woke up at 6:30am and slammed into my room shouting that the bunny had been there! This was a 7am egg hunt in our backyard.
 Same boy, more bounty.
 And here starts the 5000 pictures I took of the boys in their fine Easter attire

 A candid of how I sometimes carry my baby. He doesn't look real here, does he!?

 Arlo and his Godfather/Uncle Tim
 New clubs!

Arlo immediately took over Cy's old plastic clubs. :) Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

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