Sunday, April 29, 2012

Arlo is 9 months old today!

 Cy likes to do lots of experimenting with water. And so does Arlo. He had numerous different kinds of uncooked noodles and bowls and water and made a big ole happy mess.
 We went to the Hopkins Police Department and Officer Brandy inspected my car seats. It took her an entire hour!

 Nana continues to come on Wednesday mornings to watch Arlo. Cy & I then get to have an adventure. Two Weds ago we biked all the way in to Uptown & had a picnic lunch on Lake Calhoun. The 5+ mile ride home was uphill and headfirst into a strong wind. Mama was tired by the end!

 Arlo has learned to feed himself. Yay! These new baby squeeze purees rock. He eats solids now but if I think he needs something more (like more fruit or veggies) I can give him one of these & he sucks it down himself. (Great for picnics or on-the-go lunches!) When he's full he turns the tube around and squeezes the rest all over himself. :)
 Chillin in a tree before school one morning.
 Annie & I ran a 5k. It was a beautiful morning and so much fun!
 Cute shot of the boys at our neighborhood park.
 Oh to be a kid again!
 Arlo in between grass eatings. Can you see Cy charging up the hill in the background?
 All that running made him hot! On a not-hot day.
 Today we packed up the family and headed to a Wisconsin State Park about 45 minutes from our house for a day hike. The park has a huge waterfall at the end of the hike!
 Patrick & his two boys. Arlo is sleeping on Patrick's back.
 Cy & I chuffed up many many stairs to check out the view. It was thrilling to be up that high! I was impressed he climbed the whole way!

 Photo by Cy

we made it!

Family shot. Arlo still asleep.

Another photo by Cy

 Happy 9 month birthday sweet baby boy!

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