Monday, March 19, 2012

Fevers, coughs and lots of drugs

Hi. We are quarantined. Arlo came down with a bad cough and then a fever. I had him in to the doctor twice last week. Then Cy got a cough and has been fighting a 103+ degree fever for FOUR days! So.. Patrick and I hauled both of them back in to the doctor tonight. Arlo is on the mend but poor Cy has a double ear infection. He is just listless and totally run down. The biggest outings we've done have been a simple walk around the block and a ride to the coffee-shop drive-thru - just to get out of the house. The doc put Cy on antibiotics so I am hoping that he starts getting better in a day or two. I've become more nurse than mom. Patrick & I are both coughing & sick too but no fevers *yet.* Praying that we don't come down with fevers as well!!
 sick Cy in his jammies giving a tongue-in-cheek stink eye
And, not a very exciting video, but here's what Arlo looks like these days:

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