Monday, March 12, 2012

back from our "poor man's spring break!"

Hi!! We are back from our "poor man's spring break!" It was WONDERFUL!!!
Our whole family (Patrick, myself, Cy, Arl & Jackson) drove down to Brookfield last Friday. On Saturday Patrick got up & headed down to meet his friends at a Marquette game. He had a great time & then left on a flight back to Mpls the next day. In the meantime, Cy, Arlo, Jackson & I stayed with Grandma Lynn and "Fishpa" for several days. It was great to get away and we made the most of our time there!

Arlo, in the car on the way down, still loves the "teeth" nuk as his one and only favorite nuk. He gets some big laughs out of people!

Cy made a new friend in Tomah.

The last hour and a half of our ride was harrowing. An absolute blizzard made the road slow and treacherous. We saw so many cars in ditches! Can you see Patrick's white knuckles?

However the next day in Brookfield was a bluebird powder day... great for sledding in the backyard!

Mama made sure Cy had "special" breakfasts while we were there. These are homemade banana, walnut, chocolate chip belgian waffles with a little bit of whip!
Cy & I took a special "Cy & Mama" outing to the Milwaukee Public Museum. Here he is catching butterflies!
Here is a picture of schoolchildren in 1910 visiting the woolly mammoth at the Milwaukee Public Museum.
And here is Cy with the exact same Woolly Mammoth. Made us think of Great Grandpa Cy and if he too visited this big guy way back when!

My parents' dog Jessie now has both eyes removed! She is still Cy's favorite though. So sweet and little!

The next day we went to the Milwaukee Zoo with grandma, grandpa, cy & arlo. Here are some colorful pythons that we saw. 
Me & my boys at the zoo

It was a warm day and there were plenty of puddles to explore at the zoo!

Another day we enjoyed a nice stroll around a lake in a Brookfield park.
And on our last full day there we went to lunch with Uncle Jim, Bob & Clarice (who were great-grandpa Cy's really close friends!)
oh that Cy!! He has had enough of the mamarazzi!

So on Wednesday night, Patrick flew back to Milwaukee and on Thursday morning we headed up to the Dells. We made a pit stop in Madison to have some blue moon ice cream and check out the students on State Street.

Then we arrived at our super cute little cabin that we stayed in for the remainder of the week! We had three bedrooms, a whirlpool, walking trails, and a great view of a lake! It pays to go in the off season because we got a great deal on this wonderful place!

On Thursday we took Cy to a real bonafide water park. We all had SO MUCH FUN!!! Even Arlo went swimming!!

The last couple of days, almost all the snow was gone and the weather was unseasonably warm. We went to the resort's playground & enjoyed the day!

This is a view from our cabin.

Arlo has two teeth on the bottom and two more making their way out on the top! He is also almost crawling!! He somehow gets from A to B with a sort of wiggle/army crawl...

And just to pack in one more thing. We took a quick nap when we got home and then cruised to the Wild (professional) hockey game last night! It was Cy & Arlos' first game! Exciting!!

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