Monday, February 20, 2012

what's going on?

Hi! What is going on with you? not much over here besides the usual insanity. I know this is total parent-speak, but Patrick and I are just getting used to this: someone (including dog) seems to be always NEEDING something at every single second of the day starting at about 5:30am and going til 8:30pm. Jackson needs walks and food precisely at 8am or 5pm or he goes bananas. Arlo needs boobs, spoon-fed purees, clean pants and to be held. Oh, and let's not forget the random "calming" he needs at all hours of the night. Cy needs... oh man where do I start? Cy needs lots of love and fun, praise for his puzzles and art, 3 meals served, snacks, his bottom wiped after he poops, reminders to do his chores, a LOT of laundry cleaned (he insists on a new outfit after nap which means 2 outfits a day at least!) and A LOT of fresh air and activity! Mom and Dad need, no, crave rest....
And that's how our days go!! We try not to let the kids rule the roost. We take them on outings that we enjoy and that get us some exercise too. We walked Lake Calhoun on Saturday and had the two boys strapped happily into their stroller for a good hour while we all took in the scenery. We bring them to restaurants where, albiet momentarily, someone else can take care of all of our needs! And lately we've been having our fair share of friends over. Friday night was great. The Knolls came over and Cy played with little Mary soooo nicely. They are both super well behaved happy little kids who got on fabulously. Can't say that for all of Cy's playdates. Sometimes he has little monster friends over who are out to destroy our house and teach him how to be naughty. :)
And so that is how life is these days.... scrambling to take care of everyone's needs, trying to find time to relax ourselves and still have some fun! Overall I'd say we are a happy little family. Frazzled and oftentimes exhausted, but content.

First trip to the dentist. Handled it like a pro. Actually enjoyed it. I truly believe it's because of Brother Bear in "The Berenstein Bears Visit The Dentist."

Ever wonder what a stay-at-home mommy does when she has the stomach flu?

Daddy & Arlo watching ESPN at 6am. Our new routine is to take Arlo down into the basement & play down there til his brother gets up an hour earlier.

Last official day of ski lessons for the season! Moms & skiers wore balloons on our hats/helmets. We are going to still meet up with some of our new ski friends and continue our Wednesday ski adventures as long as the winter will allow!

 Boppa & Nana came over on Sunday morning to give Patrick & I a "sanity break." It took us a while to figure out what to do on a 9am Sunday morning date but I was pretty happy with the end result: brunch at a nice restaurant followed by pedicures! I don't think Patrick will be returning (although he should since he has claw toes!) because he was way too ticklish! I chose neon pink for my toes and I am loving them.

Winter park scenes

 Nothing better than a baby asleep outside on a cold Minnesota winter day. Lots of crisp fresh air!

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