Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little by little

Life is returning to normal around here. I don't want to jinx anything but the little one has been sleeping a lot better... which means more energy for his parents!!

I just got done having a wonderful wonderful weekend "off." My two girlfriends Joanna and Joni flew in from Chicago & NYC and we had a "girl's weekend." They spent the first night here at our home, meeting the baby & relaxing with us. The next morning the three of us headed to a full day at the beloved Ivy Spa. That place is so great because you don't just go there to get a massage or a facial or whatever. You spend the day. You  use their hot tub, sauna, steam, gym. We had lunch delivered (three hangar steaks!) from the super nice steak house on the ground floor. Then we padded down the skywalk to our hotel rooms at the Hilton where we decompressed before going out to an amazing dinner with a group of girls. Oh man. It was great!!

Today Cy, Arlo & I went to the aquarium at the Mall of America. We went there last week too. Both boys just LOVE to stare at all the different sea creatures cruising around. And I love everything about that outing too. I get to walk & feel like I get some activity/exercise. There's a starbucks right outside so I always walk through the fish with a latte. And there are plenty of places to go afterwards for a special treat. I took Cy& Arlo to a candy store today. Now I know where the phrase "like a kid in a candy store" comes from. That kid had so much fun! And he ended up with 3, yes a mere 3 gummy worms. Totally content.

So tonight we are supposed to be getting a huge snowstorm. Uncle Mike & I are supposed to be taking the boys to Cy's swim lessons because Patrick is out of town. And tomorrow Cy & I are supposed to go skiing... I just hope we can make it out of the driveway because I am not sure how I can shovel with two little ones milling around. I am sure I will figure it out though. Where there's a will, there's a way, right!?

 Trying on the new "spring fashions" at the mall (Arlo asleep in stroller) after an aquarium outing

A beautiful day of skiing - just Cy & I - no lessons.

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