Monday, February 6, 2012

hope for sleep

Obsession: no matter what I am doing or what time of day or night it is, there is one subject that has been on my mind... SLEEP!!!

Our little Arlo has been keeping me up way too much. In the past week I have been averaging about 4-5 hours of broken sleep a night. It's ugly. He was doing good before then and then regressed. I think his cold sorta reverse-sleep trained him into waking at night. Cold's gone now though.

however, I have dedicated myself to sleep training this week. I have nothing (especially not sleep) to lose! So I have read a book that teaches specific ways of handling his night wakings and have started adhering to them. Last night was the first night and I think I got a couple more hours of sleep!

It's nothing to crazy. He's not crying for hours on end. In fact, I think he was crying more BEFORE I started this training because I'd be so deep in a sleep it'd take me a while to hear him.... and get the energy to go see him.

we will see how it goes! But man oh man would I like to drop this current obsession and move on to being interested in things like exercise (which, besides walking I have not done a lick of) and fitting back in to my cute clothes and swimsuit! Weight loss is going ok but I feel so sluggish every day that I eat whatever I want. And I want a social life back!!

With that said I am going to go wake up Arlo from his afternoon nap because it's 4pm and he's not allowed to sleep past 4 anymore! And then I am going to bundle up my boys and go on a big fat walk and enjoy the last few hours of sunshine!

Cy was literally rolling in mud the other day. He has a mud mustache in this pic.

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